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    Is space storage on a computer really necessary anymore ?

    In terms of cloud storage specifically - I'm a student (medical) in the UK and I run my own business, and the I3 is perfectly fine for me. I store everything across OneDrive and Google Docs, and have never had any issues with connectivity, upload or download speeds - primarily wifi at school and...
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    Three to Four Hour Battery Life

    I started using Chrome, as it's my usual desktop browser, but was unimpressed with 5-6hr battery life. Since I uninstalled Chrome and made an effort/intention to use the metro IE app, and metro apps in general, battery life has improved by about an hour, so getting there. Battery life really...
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    Post Your SP3 Power/Battery/Charging Issues Here

    Mine does the same - goes from 100% straight to %94 after about 20 mins. After that it counts down %wise as normal so I havent paid too much attention to it.
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    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    I had a quick browse of your previous posts Jordi, and saw you are (were?) having heat issues too - my unit, luckily, does not have the heat issue. I have installed all the latest updates too. I would be absolutely fuming if I only got 4hrs battery life, that would be completely unacceptable to...
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    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    Still in the first week of owning my SP3 (i3), getting about 6hrs at the moment with 29% brightness while on battery (is the lowest I feel I can go). My use is fairly moderate, use of OneNote, PowerPoint and OneDrive, some occasional browsing and email checking - seems to use about 17% of...