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    Bluetooth connects then drops

    I'm wondering if there are any issues with the Surface Pro 2, regarding bluetooth connections being immediately dropped. I'm trying to connect my Columbus V-900 GPS receiver to my Surface Pro 2. The units working fine and connects fine, but immediately drops connection. All drivers are the...
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    Close Apps

    That doesn't actually close the app. completely. If you check the task manager you will still see it, as active.
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    Exactly. Why get a 32G, when 64G is available. Sure its cheaper But you are buying less capability. I have 64G and can add another 64G. It was a no brainer to me. This is a new device. Who knows what SW and FW changes might come. But if one buys 32G, they are stuck with that.
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    Surface product placement
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    Delete a user account

    Yes, I renamed it, from mike to Mike, but what is displayed on the Start screen is my email address. It used to say, mike. After my reset, it says my email address. I would think there should be a way to change what is displayed but I can't find it.
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    Delete a user account

    Yes, that works but there is something else that needs to be tweaked. I reset my computer to default settings and it's now displaying my email instead of my name. How do I make it display the name instead of email?
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    More disappointing each day. Might return surface and get iPad

    I also have an iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1", in addition to my Surface. I much prefer the Surface.
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    Things you don't seem to be able to undo

    There are a lot of things you can do, without any obvious way of undoing them. APPS: Say you install an app and find out it's only Spanish and want to delete it. I'm talking about the Windows Store apps; not the normal windows apps. When I try to uninstall the normal way, it says no...
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    Transferring files between PC and Surface?

    I tried to use the HomeGroup but I can't connect. My Surface does see my HomeGroup, and requests password. When I enter it, I get the following error: "Windows no longer detects a homegroup on this network. To create a new homegroup, click OK, and then open HomeGroup in Control Panel". But...
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    Transferring files between PC and Surface?

    Anyone found a good way to transfer files (photos, music, etc) between a PC and the Surface, without using a USB drive? It's kind of a pain to use a USB Drive. It requires copying everything twice and when you are talking gigabytes, it's quite slow.
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    The touch cover - One week later.

    I'm using the "type" keyboard and it works great.
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    Delete a user account

    I was testing some features and I created another User Account. I was just testing and don't need the account but can't see the way to delete a user account. How? Also, is there a way to change the Admin account name? I typed mike and I really would like it to say Mike. Kind of anal but...
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    Surface NEEDS to be able to use a Pop3 Account

    But when you reply, you have a gmail address, right? Confusing on the other end.
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    You'll always have less total storage, if you start of with a 32G Surface. Whatever you can get by adding microsd, you could have 32G more, if you had a 64G Surface.

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