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    Windows 8.1 question

    Guess it was my phones internet, doesn't tether very well.... Starbucks internet is too slow to download the update, guess ill have to wait until I get home :-D
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    Windows 8.1 question

    I cannot get it to download... it doesn't show up as downloading when I click it, I restarted and it shows it in the downloading but it just says it failed, and gives me a code.. ill have to restart again to get the code. Hmmmmm I wanna update!!!!! Getting error 0x80240031
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    Great list of games the run on the Surface pro

    Looks cool, might pick it up, thanks :excited:
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    Windows 8.1 question

    Ok so I should probably know this, but when windows 8.1 finally comes out, what is the process I will need to follow to upgrade to it. Right now I have 8.1 preview installed on my SP. Do I need to do a system restore through control panel to bring it back to factory and then I can upgrade to...
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    Your right, ill try manually installing those.. thanks :-D
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    LOL I guess this doesn't work on 8.1 pro preview huh? I installed it, guess I didn't read correctly, everyone else is using 8.1 RTM or 8pro right?? Cuz it crashes when I open the Intel Control panel, or launch a game.. haha stupid me, time to rollback
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    sure, get an external DVD drive, or rip the DVD to a flash stick or micro sd card and watch it from there :-)
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    eBay: Surface RT w/ Keyboard, $199 USD (Manufacturer Refurb)

    Just make sure that when you get the ebay refurb that you can register it, to get the 1 year warranty. Mine was still registered to the previous owner and microsoft couldnt help me. So I either have to send it back to the ebay seller (and forfeit the good deal) because he probably doesnt have...
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    Surface Ordering Problems?

    IMO Microsoft customer support is extremely lacking, I agree with you. I purchased a 200$ refurbished 64gb RT from an ebayer (he sold 2300 of these) I received it brand new sealed in a microsoft box. It had a problem straight out the box so I called customer service for a replacement and they...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    8/128? I dont think there is an 8/128.. There is 4/64, 4/128, and then it goes 8/256, and 8/512
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    How do I fix the type cover keyboard, reinsert key

    The keys just pull off, and snap back on. The plastic is pretty tough so you shouldnt worry too much about breaking it. If it wont snap on right, just make sure the part still on the keyboard is aligned, then check the key out and make sure the grooves are in good condition that it snaps into...
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    What Malware, Virus Scanner do you use on your Pro?

    I use ad-aware by lavasoft. Rated top antivirus of 2013 (some opinions at least)
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    Surface 2 to offer more rigid BACKLIT KEYBOARD?!

    As far as I know, all the accessories excluding the power cover will work for the originals. The power cover will only work for the original PRO, not the RT. But the keyboards should work just fine for both. Again, maybe I am wrong, but I would think they would work fine.
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    Microsoft Officially Unveils New Surface Pro 2

    Yes, all the accessories for the SP2 will work for the original PRO, but the Power Cover will not work for the original RT, just the pro. But the keyboards should work for the old RT just fine. As far as the prices are concerned, I only read that the price for the 64gb SP2 was announced...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    I believe only the 64gb SP2 price was announced. 899$ which is more expensive than the original I believe. The 256 is going to be 1100-1200$ I would only assume.

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