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    What Do You Do With the Keyboard When Not Using It on an Airplane?

    Most of the domestic airlines in Australia gave fairly shallow tables that aren't deep enough for the stand if you're in cattle class. The solution in normally to rest the screen against the seat in front.
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    Pen often already starts drawing when just close to screen, not only on touching it.

    I found this used to happen when the battery was getting low
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    I've done the unthinkable...

    Apples and oranges as they said. There are some things osx does well and some badly but like anything it takes getting used to. Finder is a poor file Explorer option but there are apps like pathfinder which are more windows like in look and feel. I prefer OSX's implementation of search with...
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    I've done the unthinkable...

    If it's an older style Macbook you can still replace the hard drive so I would recommend putting in an ssd. They're pretty cheap this days and is easy to replace. I would also recommend an app called rightzoom which replaces the maximise functionality to the way windows works which I think is...
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    Making of the Surface Pro 3/4 leather sleeve case.

    Incredible skills and patience.
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    Greyfox, was the original link provided to a crap marketing webpage purely to invoke people into buying non-Apple stock? Click the link and you'll find I'm correct. If so, why am I the one getting pulled over the coals when the author became defensive when I stayed on topic and pointed it out? I...
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    Tim Cook also said it was not a hybrid, nor do Apple believe that a hybrid is viable. I.e. if you’re a power user, Apple expects you to need two devices. It’s still just a tablet. Apple has said that they don’t believe the hybrid is a viable option at the moment because it’s a compromise and...
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    I use both and I like both. I don’t believe you have to dislike one to like the other. And I don’t believe that is defending Apple. A number of close minded people believe to the contrary so I will defend that position, not to defend Apple, but to defend the position of appreciating both and...
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    Probably because they promote Apple stock when it's convenient to them as well. As for the balance, I have both Surface Pro's (I can show 3 receipts for SP3's I've purchased in the last year) and Apple gear, but I'm happy to point out pointless Apple bashing when it makes no sense...
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    Okay, on topic, the article berates Apple and then tries to sell you stock market stock in another tech company but won't tell you who without putting in your email. First problem. He complains in the article how it doesn't suit his article for typing, but the article in question lacks any...
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    Why I Returned My iPad Pro

    I'm guessing you haven't seen the similar posts from MS fans on the issues with the SP4 and SB?
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    Apple rant by an Apple fan

    Or perhaps people are commenting on a device they have never used or is not targeted at them because they don't understand it. I have used and owned both. I doubt I could say the same for you. What I am trying to say is comparing the two is about as useful as saying the iPhone is a terrible...
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    Apple rant by an Apple fan

    Because some people need something more powerful than a dual core. Whether you can do something on a machine, and whether you would want to are two different things. For example, you could edit video on a SP4, but if you had a more powerful machine, why would you want to? The point of my...
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    Microsoft issues apology for Surface issues

    And yet it took 20 issues before they issued an apology, not one. I still don't have them acknowledging and issues experienced on my SP3, or acknowledging they made a mistake enabling the torrent update on Windows 10 that cost me a couple of hundred bucks in data. The only reason they issued and...
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    IPAD "Pro" is it a Joke?

    Sorry Greyfox. He's the one complaining it's not pro because it doesn't fit his narrow band of pro definition. I'm trying to show him how ludicrous his logic is. And yet you approach me about the issue when Microsoft has had to issue an apology???

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