I've been testing products and software since XP incorporated touch and handwriting. My first "tablet" PC was purchased in 2006 and was a Gateway. The monitor flipped around and laid down on the keyboard. It weighed almost 5 pounds. We've come a very long way.

Just traded in my SP fort as SP3 i3. I wish I could have afforded the i5, but am loving the i3.

Liking some of the new features of Windows 10, but admit to LOVING Windows 8.1. I miss some of those features. Looking forward to my Windows 10 for WindowsPhone download any day now on my Lumia 1520.
Sep 2, 1969 (Age: 50)
Lilac Manor, South Carolina
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Ancient student; Legal professional


Respect for each other, listening to understand, these are the foundations for peace, happiness, innovation, and productivity. These are the foundations of life.




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