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    From Android to Windows phone, Bad Idea?

    jnjroach hit the nail on the head. If you go Google, stay with Android. Microsoft software side has done an amazing job ensuring their products are cross-platform. Sometimes to the chagrin of us WinFans: We are sometimes the last to get a new app or service or don't get it at all. The native...
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    Going Commando...

    There have been no cases or sleeves for any of the Surface editions that I have really liked. I have a Marcoo sleeve that I carry my SP3 in but in the 3 weeks I have had it, the inside cloth has started to "crack" (for lack of a better term) in the "hinge" of the flap. Doesn't make me happy. My...
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    Which accessories do you carry around (SP3)

    I love my Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition. It works seamlessly with my Surface and from across the room. I have a wireless adapter for typing covers that I purchased and used some with my first edition Surface Pro. In theory it is an awesome product but it never quite worked properly. I have...
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    Pen grip for SP3 surface pen

    The thing I hate about the pen is the positioning of the buttons and the fact that the top is no longer used as the eraser. I am so used to my SP pen (as well as previous tablets I have used) using the pen as a traditional pencil with an eraser on top. I have always had a one-button pen and used...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    My primary issue with 10049 (other than the ink annoyances we have been experiencing with OneNote all along) is waking the machine up after sleep. I essentially have to reboot. Once I get to the login screen, the picture for my picture password is only half there. The bottom half of the picture...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I sat at 14% for about 30 minutes. Then it finished in about 15 minutes. Wish they had at least made the circle move or in some way indicate the machine had not frozen. I almost tried to stop the process because I though it had permanently hung up.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I have my favorites turned on in Spartan and am not crashing. But Spartan is still pretty buggy. Favorites icons are sitting really low and are cut off on the bottom. Spartan does just stop working for no apparent reason, but it has not been as bad as the constant crashing of IE11. I have not...
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    Just Bing it!

    Just Bing it!
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    Ink disappears in OneNote 2013 on SP3 Windows 10

    Are there any work-arounds? Or anything that needs testing in the real world I can help with?
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    LOVEn SP3 n Bing

    LOVEn SP3 n Bing
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    Ink disappears in Presenter View using powerpoint while in Extend display mode

    I am having a similar issue. I have it in OneNote just when taking notes - no extended view or anything like that. The ink just stops "sticking" and may disappear but does not get saved into the notes I am taking. I have to restart OneNote and sometimes have to reboot. I have posted a thread...
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    Ink disappears in OneNote 2013 on SP3 Windows 10

    I am a student and a paralegal. I constantly take notes using my stylus in OneNote 2013 in class and in meetings. I recently upgraded from my SP to SP3. Since upgrading to the SP3, I am having major issues taking notes. After writing three to four words, the ink will stop "sticking" to the...
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    Microsoft Adding Biometric Authentication to Windows 10 with 'Windows Hello'

    Does this mean that the new windows phones will also be biometrically enabled for Authentication