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    Installing .Net 3 and prior?

    *Edited* Broken for me too. It used to work on Windows 8 Pro, but not in Windows 8.1. M.
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    Type Cover 2 / mysterious button above function keys, below the screens window button

    So it's not a sensor for the backlight then? That was my best guess...
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    new surface pro 2 owner

    Happy birthday chap! And nice to see another Brummy on the boards. M.
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    Power Port -- preventing scratches?

    I'm still waiting for my Stickerboy, so have employed Sellotape! Stuck it on over port, give it a slice down the centre with a razor blade, then shove device/charger/cable into port, which forces the tape into the port and covers the edges. Seems to be doing ok so far and doesn't destroy the...
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    Surface Forum App

    I can't find it either, and I'm also in the UK. Just out of interest, can you find the Flixster App also? I found it, but it asks me to buy at no price. I then hit buy, and it told me the app was no longer available. I get the feeling us UKers have a few oddities in the store that our USA...
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    I won a Surface 2!

    Congratulations on the win! Just waiting to find out whether I've won anything ;) Care to tell us what your Remix Project entry consisted of? No doubt worth a Surface 2! Would love to hear more about it!
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    Finally: Daisy-Chaining Monitors With DisplayPort 1.2!

    Pictures please! Especially of the cabling :)
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    SkyDrive offer transferable?

    Congratulations. Your Surface comes with 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage. btw
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    SkyDrive offer transferable?

    I don't see why not. You just log into the relevant Skydrive (IE her account) and hit the "redeem code" button.
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    Microsoft Store online experience

    I ordered from the UK MS Store on pre-order, and was given a date of 29th October. They attempted to take payment from my card, which Barclays refused as fraudulent (Lot's of stories of this, in EU and USA). I called them up and they informed me that if the card was refused a second time, the...
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    How Microsoft screwed up, and wont help

    They will respond, but tell you to call the team...
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    Want SP2 accessories

    No it doesn't. :)
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    SPro Accessories

    Hey Zimmy, thanks for posting this up. I was just wondering if you knew, off hand, whether the HDMI port supports audio? I'm thinking of using one of these in my living room, hooked up to a TV? Cheers! M.
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    Want SP2 accessories

    The magnetic flap does stay shut, if I take off the Type Cover 2 by the way.

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