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    personal wireless storage

    I'm looking for Suggs on a peripheral device that I can backup to, store media like music and movies, and be able to access on my tv and tablet wirelessly?
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    youtube pairing

    Anyone know when we will be able to pair surface pro with YouTube app on TV?
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    problem connecting to internet at work

    got it to work. Didn't know there was a whole menu that pops up when you right click on the connection. played around abit with the wpa/wpa2/enterprise stuff and got it to work. thanks.
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    problem connecting to internet at work

    members i'm having a problem connecting to the WWW with my surface pro in the office. We have had this setup for a while. My blackberry connects to it and i'm able to surf web, etc talking to my IT guy, he said it bay be due to the fact that it is all 'NATed' in/ enterprise stuff that is...
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    cloud picture service

    members, I am looking for the best way to share my pics across devices. I have an IMAC and have all my pics on iPhoto. I would like to upload them to a cloud service and be able to see them on my surface pro, on my panny TV, etcc... I'm looking for a cloud based service where I can back...

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