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    Surface Pro 4 Rumored to Include 4K Display, USB Type-C, Skylake Processor & More

    As much as a man can wish, I can guarantee the 16gb ram and $1300 price tag is too low. If it lives up to my hopes I will get a higher end model with a dock and Microsoft Complete warranty to replace my desktop. Just wish they'd finally announce it :-o
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    Finally a Solid Windows 10 Build for Surface 3

    Are you still on 10162 or 10166? Is it still stable with the video driver? Is everyone running the newest builds on S3 without crashing? My Surface 3 arrives today that I will be using for a work conference exclusively for a week or so. I'm very tempted to put 10 on it (it's running great...
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    My impressions

    I know some applauded the use of Micro USB, but I never liked it on any of my devices that use it. I haven't tried a S3 yet, but am considering one.
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    SP3 as a Tablet Replacement?

    Are you using an Android Emulator because the MS Store doesn't have the Marvel Unlimited App.
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    SP4 pre-order "by end of summer"

    I'm not confident they have any solid evidence and are going on assumption. I search for the latest on SP4 almost daily and there's nothing new. I'm somewhat encouraged with the lack of news on it that it may be late summer / early fall in order to get the Skylake processors in it.
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    Realistic Requests (I hope): -i3 / 4gb / 128 for $799 (entry level) -i5 / 8gb / 256 for $999 -Skylake Processor / No Throttling -Windows Hello (facial recognition) -1 USB 3.0 / 1 USB C Not likely: -Wireless Charging -External GPU Option
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    Running out of memory while gaming on 4gb / 128

    I couldn't find the info, maybe it was on the SP2 or another forum, but I was playing Wolf Among Us and the game closed with a low or out of memory error (RAM). I imagine I will get this on other games. I did get it on my SP2 but seemed to be able to ignore it w/o any consequence. Will...
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    Gestureworks Gameplay on Sale on Steam. Great for touchscreen gaming

    Save 66% on GestureWorks Gameplay on Steam Normally $15, but $5.09 until 06/19 at 1pm eastern. This will go great with SP3 for playing games that do not have touch controls built in. This is a big deal to someone like me who wants to play my telltale games (Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us)...
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    $40 Off SquareTrade for Surface Code: SRT4R738 (no idea when it expires, can be used multiple times) Comes to $124.99 for 2 years with ADH only goes up to $1000 value Not sure I'll buy it as I tend to exchange up to the newest each time (owned RT, Pro2, now Pro3) and...
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    is the 8gb ram worth it?

    I understand, but have seen enough benchmarks from SP2 (and played a few of my own) knowing it does fine in many games. I'd much rather have the hd5000.
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    is the 8gb ram worth it?

    This article is very telling for those that are like me and want to do some gaming when they travel. This made my decision to stick with the 4gb much easier. I play mainly League of Legends (which played fine on SP2 4gb) and know most of my Steam games will run fine. I was hoping for extra...
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    10% Coupon Code?

    Other than authenticating to see if that e-mail address actually exists, do they do anything else such e-mail that account? My g/f's niece has an e-mail account she said we can use, but I'd hate for her to receive any unnecessary e-mails.
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    That's my debate. I'd like to do gaming on this. My SP2 with 4gb did well with games like League of Legends and Dark Souls 2, but would be nice to add the HD5000. Maybe squeeze something like Battlefield when on the road.
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    I preordered, when do they charge my card for it?

    I pre-ordered the type-3 cover from Tiger Direct (no tax) and noticed they put a hold for the amount upon ordering. I assume that is removed within a couple days then fully charged upon shipment. On a side note, the type-3 I pre-ordered was using a $15 Memorial Day discount in which they...
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    Anyone think they could possibly ship the I7's before August 31st? Is it a hard release date like the I5's?

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