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    Battery Life - Windows 8.1 vs 10

    It's 4:52 and I'm about to leave and I have 32% remaining and it says I have 3 hours 5 minutes, but I don't believe it. It drained 68% in a matter of 3.5 hours. Not looking good.
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    Battery Life - Windows 8.1 vs 10

    I hadn't noticed the battery drain issue until last week when I was working at home on my SP3 at the kitchen table. I normally have it plugged into the charger and never noticed the battery drain. I was working and I think I got at most about 4 hours before it drastically and instantly...
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    Surface Pro 3 through airport security

    I've brought my SP3 on international flights (NA > Europe) and they consider it a tablet and I have just had to keep it in the sleeve I use to carry it.
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    Drawings that you have done with your surface

    Wow... you guys have skills. Nice work.
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    SSD Upgrade WITHOUT Removing Screen

    Crazy mod, but ingenuity breeds more innovation. Well done. If you look very carefully, the dremel doesn't actually cut through the entire case, but it cuts almost through. He breaks the little flap out manually, so there were no flying bits of magnesium that would've been lodged into the...
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    Report - Microsoft buys N-Trig

    I read that article too. I have a feeling they wanted to ensure that they would still be able to secure the stylus technology for future models. So they wouldn't get screwed like Google when Apple went and bought the fingerprint sensor for the TouchID on the iPhones...
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    Surface Pro 4 news

    Dell or HP missed the mark with the 12.1 tablet market though. Microsoft made the jump with the Surface line and have paved the way for it. When I look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2, the first thing I wonder is why they didn't build in a kickstand? I was using my Venue 8 and I was wishing...
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    Surface Pro 4 news

    I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and it's acting like a mini Surface tablet for me right now. I have Windows 10 technical preview on it and it's working quite well. I see no reason why MS would need a smaller tablet form factor if you have devices like the Venue 8 Pro filling that gap.
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    Password Manager app SP3

    Nothing worthwhile is not without risk. The only true way to combat this is to carry around your passwords with you at all times written in a notebook.
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    Password Manager app SP3

    +1 vote for KeePass. I put the file on my Google drive so it syncs to my phone / SP3 and home machine so I have updated access wherever I am.
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    Close the lid/Power button to trigger actions

    In the Control panel, under Power Options you have the option to change what the power button does. You have the option there to set "Require a password" on wakeup. Also under PC Settings from the charms menu, in Accounts > Sign-in options, you can choose the time period of when the system...
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    SP3 Price drop (again) Dropping the price in preparation for the SP4 launch news?
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    Poll Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

    I always use a mouse at my desk, and a wired one at that. I have a BT MS sculpt mouse in my bag, and use that instead of the trackpad most of the time.
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    Touchscreen has gone mad

    I assume the screen is clean? My SP3 has phantom touches from the keyboard sometimes as well. That looks very abnormal though.
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    Hacking Surface Pro 3 (hardware)

    The case is NOT plastic. It's magnesium and you would risk damaging the internal components if you tried to cut an opening from the back. Would be so not worth it to try that.