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    Article: In defence of the Surface RT

    Ok, time for a break everyone.
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    [Article] This is why you dislike Bing

    I've tried to use bing. One reason for using google instead: Filtering search after date. They're saying it's also available for bing - but it's not. And yes, this is very important for me at least 80% of the time. So i'm using bing only on my Lumia.
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    HELP! I need a Surface Pro charger in Munich, Germany STAT!

    You could exchange the plug with a C7-Plug-Cord back at home.
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    HELP! I need a Surface Pro charger in Munich, Germany STAT!

    Try to find a Media Markt (red-labeled electronic chain) or Saturn (blue labeled). They're selling Surfaces, so they should sell chargers too.
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    Wireless network problems

    I had the same problems during the last month, with IE really acting slow with pages like facebook (new router + 32Mbit) Are you using IE or another browser? Regarding your assumption: While your speed isn't the fastest, it's definitive fast enough for web surfing. But without a Traceroute and a...
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    Cubic News, a great new app.

    Please return to original topic.
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    Wi-Fi Signal Strength

    This depends on multiple factors: 1. The Bars are just an icon and the treshholds differs - it's like on mobiles, where on device 1 you can easily have calls with 1 bar, while device 2 is not usable with 2-3 bars. 2. It depends on the quality of the chip/antennas - the surface chipset and...
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    Xbox Music web app

    If you're not using the 8.1 preview or a non win.device, you may want to check: to use the new ui in the xbox music web app. I'm saying: Thumbs up, because now i can listen to my collection at work.
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    Thank you but I'm off to new and better

    Ok, i hope everyone had fun - Thread's closed.
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    New video of Windows 8.1 features...

    The shared wallpaper-thing is really smoothing the switch from metro to desktop. Jump list would be a cool feature, but i'm thinking of: How to integrate without overload for the bottom bar or a new swipe direction exclusively for jump lists. Something like a top bar (like on the people hub)...
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    What's coming in Windows 8.1

    Ok, i've given a warning to mitchellvii and tonyz3 for filling this thread with (usual) personal arguing/trolling. Next time you'll get a break from this forum. Get back to topic and useful posts. Don't waste our time. If you want to argue, write a daily pm. @ all forum-users: We respect your...
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    do you think the covers are rip-offs?

    You're welcome and sure not alone with your opinion. However I'm loving the typecover for beeing a perfect add-on for using the rt as a productive mobile unit. Yes the Touchpad is not the best, but i can easily type for 2-6hrs without problems - although i switch to a normal keyboard at home...
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    I'm actually optimistic for Windows 8.1

    Ok guys, a last warning! Any further non-constructive post and you'll receive infractions/bans. Mitchellvii: You have the right to complain about things you don't like, but don't start a thread about every tiny thing again and again and again. You've started some threads, so keep them alive with...
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    May 14th Firmware update

    The update of the speaker/audio-system on the rt seems to be a complete mess for me. Yes it's loud, but the quality is .... and when i'm watching yt-videos the audio completely turns silent on scenes with a low volume.
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    How many people are actually using Windows 8?

    On my Desktop and my RT - i upgraded my desktop after buying my RT. Regarding the whole discussion about numbers: Doesn't bother me, it should only do so for MS. Blue will be a nice update, but the damage is done by some issues with win8 itself and by the media. (My analyzing shows a clear 40.1%...

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