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    Current status of Linux on surface PRO

    Related question, which may be better answered in Windows 8 forums, but Surface Pro has win 8.1 Pro. which includes Hyper V virtualization software. Hyper-V can actually creat a virtual hard drive, mount it, and then windows 8 can boot off said virtual hard drive. Any one tried this with a Linux...
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    Current status of Linux on surface PRO

    My questions relates more to this UEFI thing. Does the PC have a proper BIOS you can access on boot up and toggle the boot order? If I hose the bootloader can I fix it? In WIndows 7 All I had to do was create a Rescue disk and restore image with the built in utility.
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    Current status of Linux on surface PRO

    I just ordered a Surface Pro 128Gb on an impulse buy (449$ academic discount on MS store). The hardware seems head and shoulders above anything at that price. I am looking to dual boot Ubuntu (or derivative) on it. All the google searches point to older linux distros from early 2013 and mention...

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