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    SP 4 Core M3 vs SP3 Core i5?

    Ultimately, you are the only one who can judge the performance / battery life ratio. Buy one and if you don't like it then return it and get something else.
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    Surface Pro 4 - which config for my use?

    I can't comment on the gaming aspect, specifically. But I think your instincts are right about the SP4 /i5 / 8gb for your work scenario. Assuming that the i7 / 16gb machine would improve game performance, the question becomes is that worth $900 extra? I would order both, and then return one of...
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    Need help with Outlook 2013

    Gary is exactly right. You don't need to change Outlook, just your mail profile that holds your account information. Open Control Panel. Switch the view from Categories to Large Icons. Click on the icon for Mail (Outlook 2013). Click on Show Profiles. You will see one profile in the list...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Re: Full screen apps No, unfortunately. Full screen metro is gone - but probably just for the time being because all the new tablet bits (Continuum) have yet to be added. MS is concentrating on showing off the desktop experience at this point.
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    Very happy SP3 owner

    Many of the early reviews seemed to categorize the SP3 as a niche tool. On the contrary, I think the use cases are very broad -especially when you add the docking station. The only thing for which it seems unsuitable is for processor-intensive applications like media creation, virtual machines...
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    The reason why it's called Windows 10

    Uh... no. "Window 8.1" is an arbitrary name from the MS marketing department given to the third revision to the Windows Vista code. Windows NT 4.0 in the late 1990's was the last Windows OS to have it's actual version number as a part of its name. After that, Microsoft decided that product...
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    Anyone planning on trying Windows 10 Preview tomorrow?

    Personally, I don't see a reason for installing the tech preview on a Surface Pro - unless you live in desktop mode. Most of the tablet improvements are missing, and some of the desktop improvements take away tablet features, (notably the swipe controls for Modern apps are curtailed since the...
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    Windows 10 Intro Video Shows Off UI and Features

    Here's a look at Windows 10 on an SP3.
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    What Phone are you pairing with your SP3?

    What do you mean by "pairing"? I have a phone and a tablet. They are both connected to the cloud. End of story. Why would I ever want to "pair" them to each other? That sounds like a pile of messy compatibility headaches.
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    Solved So Happy, Now So Depressed (not so much any more)

    Greyfox has stated the basic issue: Digital Ink is a Windows feature. The Mac version of Office doesn't have it because the underlying technology doesn't exist in OSX. That sucks.
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    So some quick i5 or i7 advice? Return the i5 for i7.

    The best test is to do your regular stuff. For me it's ever so slightly snappier on office work. But it really kicks in on audio and video encoding. That's why I upgraded to the i7. Now, the tradeoff is that when I do this it generates more heat and probably sucks more power (I haven't...
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    Really annoying Google Search behavior with Internet Explorer

    I use XMarks. It syncs bookmarks across all browsers on all platforms. The paid version will also sync to your mobile devices. It makes a nice pairing with it's partner product, the password manager LastPass.
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    SP3 Dies after Restart

    Thanks. Good to know. I'll try that id it happens again.
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    Traveling with the SP3

    ... on international flights coming into the US. Of course, the TSA can ask investigate any electronic device coming through security screening at their discretion.
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    SP3 Dies after Restart

    My SP3 was having some weird mouse pointer problems this morning (with my Logitech mouse). I decided to just restart the computer and see if that cleared up the problems. The machine cleanly shut down and then... never came back! I pressed the power button - nothing. I held down the power button...

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