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    Issues with PDF Annotating

    How do you do deal with the formatting? It ends up looking really weird when I input a PDF into OneNote, any page size besides Auto and it looks really squished/overlapped.
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    Power cable fraying

    Not sure if this could be potentially related but my power cable looks fine from the outside and it charges my surface pro 3 without any issues but when I plug my Galaxy S5 into the charger and try to charge both the Surface and S5 at the same time, the light on the Surface begins to flash and...
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    Issues with PDF Annotating

    I would like to have all my notes in OneNote so I can sync with OneDrive, it seems easier to remain organized with everything syncing up to the cloud. How does annotating in OneNote compare to annotating in Drawboard? Is there significant differences in usability/performance?
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    Issues with PDF Annotating

    Hello, I recently purchased a SP3 i3 model for use in university as a note taking device and I was frankly disappointed with how it performed today. I downloaded a nine page notes package and opened it with the default reader app, I proceded to fill in the blanks and annotate the PDF and for...

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