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    Spotting a Surface in the wild...

    I see a handful of Surface on campus. As funny as this may be, you see all the macs in the random liberal arts classes, ultrabooks/surfaces in the business and tech classes. Tbh I prefer my surface over traditional clam shell designs in my Lab classes. The ability to use just the kickstand...
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    SPro Accessories

    Go to bestbuy they have plenty in my area. I bought a cyan type cover 2 earlier today.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    Lol I ordered a 256gb model from bestbuy on Oct 5th and my card was charged on the 21st. It then said back ordered until Nov 4-13th. Then on Thursday I got an email saying it shipped. So it'll be here Monday now. I'm pretty confused but as long as I have a 256gb pro 2 come Monday I don't...
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    256/512 pre-orders delayed until Dec15?

    To update my lil situation I received an email saying it was back ordered. It will be available for delivery between Nov 4th and 13th. Pretty lame imo. I officially ordered October 5th from best buy.
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    256/512 pre-orders delayed until Dec15?

    I put in an order at bestbuy for the 256/8gb on October 4 or 5th and it said I would have by the 24th. My card was charged and my order status is back ordered. Lol I literally added the $9 shipping to get it sooner and I'm still on the back order apparently?! I'm going to call tomorrow...
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    Pro 2 store availability on release date?

    Best Buy has all models available. I had a friend order a 256/8gb tonight and his will be here by Thursday.
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    Type cover 2 colors availability?

    When do they plan on releasing the Cyan type cover in particular. On the site it says nothing about being delayed or anything but there is no preorder button either.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    Has anyone bought one from best buy and had it ship?
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    Really excited for SP2 delivery

    It would be interesting if people find a way to upgrade the RAM like they did on the yogas.
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    Really excited for SP2 delivery

    I think MS forced most peoples hands by offering only 4gb of ram until you got to the 256gb and up versions. I dont care about the extra space but the 8gb of RAM is a must have for my uses.
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    Pre order or store order?

    I actually just sprung for the 256/8gb SP2. Yay for having a .edu email so I got 10% off. But I plan on buying the touch/type cover from bestbuy so I can purchase the blacktie protection on it so if anything goes wrong or I dont like it I can be in and out with a new one in a matter of minutes!
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    Pre order or store order?

    I wish the 128gb came with the 8gb of ram!

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