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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    I've had my SP4 since it came out last year, and it recently became my only computer at work, replacing a 2014 iMac since that one was overkill for my kind of work, and this way I gained portability. In the last 10 months or so with my SP4, I've had to force reboot via the hardware buttons...
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    Solved Windows Hello, am I looking at it wrong?

    Ok, so the camera is better than I thought... what happened is that it recognized me from a rather off-center position, instead of the centered iPhone photo. I mistakenly thought it was the iPhone photo unlocking the device. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for clarifying.
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    Solved Windows Hello, am I looking at it wrong?

    I guess it's meant for convenience, not security, since it will happily log me in when presented with a picture of my face on my iPhone? So anyone could snap a photo of me and then log in as myself?
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    Serious complaint SP4/Win 10 Security

    When it comes to backups and recovery keys, a healthy dose of paranoia should be a prerequisite.
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    I tried, really

    SP4 i7 here, issue-free for the most part, bought in November. For some reason I get the feeling that more problems pertain to the i5 version, am I off the mark here?
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    Panos Panay please help with Support

    If I had a nickel for every leeshor's post repeating none of his customers have a problem with their SP4s, I could easily buy a Macbook Pro. Edit - since humor is not always evident in written form, let me add that the above was written in good spirits. Actually my SP4 is mostly free of issues...
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    Strange Pen Issue

    Same thing happened to me on Sunday. Additionally, the right rear part of the tablet started heating up with no increase in processor use. Speaking with Microsoft, I had to perform the following steps - unpair the pen from bluetooth, delete the pen in device manager under Bluetooth -> Surface...
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    Sleep study question

    Blocked... how? Would you mind explaining?
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    SP4 and Windows Hello

    Hi all, I'm posting here as the Surface Pro 4 is my only Windows device and hence I'm not sure whether this behavior pertains to this model or Windows in general. If I posted in the wrong forum, sorry in advance. I am using Windows Hello to log me in, and it works great. However, I oftentimes...
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    New TV Commercials

    The 2nd one was very good at driving the message across, without having to resort to silly acting.
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    Weather app live tile alert

    Duh, sorry.
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    Weather app live tile alert

    It's not specific to this installation; it does the same on another Windows 8.1 machine. I just can't figure out where to see these alerts and dismiss them
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    Adapter for airplane flight

    I assume a private airplane, as commercial aircraft have regular power and/or USB outlets. From my personal experience piloting private aircraft, most lighter outlets are disabled, and they aren't necessarily 12V either.
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    Weather app live tile alert

    I see no such bar. I also tried it on a second windows 8.1 pc to which I have access and its got the alert on the live tile but no way to see what the alert is - just like on my Sp3. Must be a glitch in the weather app then. Thanks again to all who've replied!
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    Weather app live tile alert

    Thanks for the replies. I've cleared the searches, but it reappears. As far as actual conditions worthy of alerting, there aren't any - it's 76 and perfectly clear here in So. Florida. So something's amiss, methinks. I'll give it a few more days to see what it might do on its own.

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