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    Surface 2 to support active digitiser?

    Hey oion, have you seen the video demo on youtube?
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    Surface 2 to support active digitiser?

    Yes, I agree with you on that jnjroach, and it's very unfortunate. By the way thank's for asking Panos the question, it's just what I wanted to know. There's still hope for stylus on Surface 2. Maybe if we make enough noise they might decide to issue an update enabling the Tegra 4 feature.
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    Surface 2 is superior to Surface Pro 2, except for one big thing

    Stylus support is possible with the Tegra 4 and it's already built in... No digitizer necessary and you can use any conductive object you have available. MS simply decided to disable it for some strange reason. I think we ought to start a petition asking them to turn this feature on ASAP...
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    Surface 2 to support active digitiser?

    It doesn't make things "simpler". As a customer it's making things more complex! I planned on using the Surface 2 to remotely access my PC and decent stylus support would make it much simpler to use. The Pro model is great but it's too big and too expensive when you factor in the cover... I also...

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