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    Surface PRO 4 Images

    Where can I get some large high quality images of the Surface PRO 4 to use as wallpaper?
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    No Wifi connection

    I got my Microsoft Surface PRO 4 yesterday. Set-up my Wifi and was working fine. Today no Wifi. It says turn off Airplane Mode which is off. Tried to turn Wifi on but will not let me. What do I have to do to make this work?
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    Mouse won't scroll

    It seems that the mouse would not scroll on my desktop PC, Tossed it out in the circular file. I got my Microsoft Arc Mouse and it works real nice.
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    Mouse won't scroll

    Got my Surface PRO 4 today. Using Logitech M325 wireless mpuse with USB receiver. Mouse wheel not scrolling anywhere, Start Manu, web pages etc. Is there an easy fix?

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