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    SP2 Prices Cut by £150 in UK

    Wow, They have drop $30.00 here in Australia,
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    Screen Protector

    I just bought and fitted a Xtremeguard screen protector, fitted nicely, bubble free, but it is a very soft film, using the pen is now nearly impossible, like dragging a rubber across the screen, takes a lot of presser to get it to scroll, draw etc. I wouldn't recommend this screen protector to...
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    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

    Microsoft's Latest Venture News just in of Microsoft's latest venture: Microsoft Corporation has taken another step toward dominating every aspect of American life with the introduction of Contraceptive98, a suite of applications designed for users who engage in sex. Microsoft has been a pioneer...
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    Screen + bezel creaking under normal use/some other minor issues

    The first one i had, had no issues with screen, but the wifi failed, the replacement SP2 has a bit of screen around the cam that doesn't seem to be glued down properly .. not a big deal, but if it gets worse I'll be returning asap.
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    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    I did the same, googled surface pro 2 while I was looking for the best windows tablet
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    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

    A duck walks into a bar and asks the barman, "have you got any grapes" the barman answers "NO"... "OK" says the duck and walks out. The next day, the ducks walks into the bar again and ask the barman, "You got any grapes". 'NO" says the barman, " I told you yesterday we don't have any grapes...
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    My Favorite Surface Cases (Sleeves)

    hi all, I bought a cover for my SP2, doesn't look like there's enough room for air flow around the top of the case. Has anyone had trouble with over heating.
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    Awesome Warranty Service

    Yes I'm sure there is a lot of happy experiences with warranty, most people that have a good experience will tell 5 people, the others that have bad experiences will tell a 100 people.. I always give credit were credits dew.. -------------- No it was a normal service program, postage usually...
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    Awesome Warranty Service

    Hi all. I had a hardware problem with my SP2 (WiFi), I rang MS on the 5th of may, sent SP2 to the service on the 6th. I received a New replacement one today the 15th, Perfect. What great service. Well Done service team.. I very happy.. BUT I hope I don't have to use you again. Thanks Heaps
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    Laptop Lounging almost anywhere with the Surface Pro 2!

    I only brought my SP2 to take to my chemo treatments, but now it's become my main PC,, My kickass ROG desktop that I built only gets used for gaming.
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    Unable to connect to wifi

    Hi Thanks for your input, I've tried the vol up and power with no luck... Bummer.. I've phoned microsoft and it's a hardware problem, so I'm getting a replacement, thank god for warranties.. Thanks Heaps everybody..
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    Unable to connect to wifi

    HI all, my wifi has stop working on my SP2.. It's been working fine for the last 4 months but yesterday it just stop working.. It can see the different connections but wont connect to any, I've tried to connect to 5 different hot spots including my windows 8 phone internet sharing, but keeps...
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    Trouble Booting

    Thanks for all your input, good to know that it's not a hardware problem. Thanks Heaps all,
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    Trouble Booting

    With mine when it fails to start up, there's no life on the screen at all. but have noted the keyboard has power, clicks when touching keys.
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    Trouble Booting

    good to know I'm not on my own, it's seems to of started since the last firmware update

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