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    Looking for an AoE or Civilization type game

    I really loathe "puzzle" games, which is pretty much every game that I can find minus a couple arcade games. I would love a simulation type game similar to age of empires or civilization 3. If anyone is aware of any please let me know.
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    I have a verizon 4g MIFI. 3g would be useless for me as I would have to pay extra for it to be added to my plan, when I already have a mifi I use for laptops and such. 3g surface means only that can go on, but the mifi lasts 4-6 hours while in use, 10+ on standby if no one is using it, and I can...
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    Updates on the RT are painfully slow

    The download was nearly instant, it was the install that was taking forever. This isn't the first time, either, and it's with both of my RT's. Seems like every time I want to check the store it errors with no explanation, so I update. Why isn't there an "automatically check for updates" option...
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    PS3 controller on SP with bluetooth?

    Motionjoy has always been finiky with what bluetooth dongles it works with. Generally you need theirs or something that speaks nearly the same language. They configured the built in drivers for one device for ease. I'm sure MS uses something entirely different.
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    Updates on the RT are painfully slow

    They couldn't have thought this through very well. Every time I try to log into the store it says "failed" with some cryptic message, which I've interprated to mean it's not up to date. Would be great if they just said "update your stuff and you can connect" but no... So I update, it has been...
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    Hi, I have 2 surface RT's, one with touch kb one with type kb. I'm looking to get a pro. I love my RT's, but I wish there was a usb charging option, finding a spare outlet is a PITA at times. I'm trying to configure them to sync tot he same MS account as I use on my windows 8 vm's and 2012...
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    New here, anyways looking for a fast expandable micro sd card

    The link to juicedsystems doesn't work for me, just shows garbage.

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