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    Surface RT crashes during Youtube video playback

    My Surface RT is probably about 2 or 3 years old now, and it suffers from an annoying problem when playing YouTube videos. I am a massive gamer and use my surface alot for watching game guides and walkthroughs on YouTube. However if I pause a video and put the tablet to the side I often find...
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    Facebook emoticons

    I was wondering if anyone out there was have problems with emoticons not displaying on Facebook posts (using the website, not the app) on the surface RT. I have to resort to using my phone now if I want to put emoticons on a post as anytime I use the surface instead of specific emoticon...
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    Flash player after update.

    Yeah, but you can't even create a photo album with that app, just had to download a separate photo uploading app, even that isn't as good as the actual website itself. Thanks M$ you actually managed to make something worse by updating it, why am I even surprised!
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    Flash player after update.

    Just installed the new 8.1 update on my surface RT and I noticed that I'm unable to create a photo album on Facebook anymore. It says that I need to update my flashplayer to upload multiple photos at a time. Before the update I could do this without a problem, now I have to use an app or...