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    It's that time of the month again

    No go. Most recent updates were today, last check was after the most recent updates, and a mountain of updates were installed on 2/11/14... Just nothing related to the Surface.
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    It's that time of the month again

    Anyone still waiting for the update to appear in Windows Update? I've rebooted several times and still see "No updates are available." Should I do the manual install from the enterprise link, or does this point to a potential issue? Edit: all the regular Windows Patch Tuesday updates came...
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    My suspicion is that they may have sent new units for returns until there was sufficient stock of refurbs. I'm sure Microsoft's argument would be that you're being made whole by receiving a working used unit to replace your non-working used unit. That's pretty standard in the industry, I think...
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    Can anyone tell me how to see If I am receiving a refurbished Surface Pro 2 256?

    Quick counterpoint to a couple posts here... I just received a refurbed 128GB that's from an older batch, and not flawless on close inspection. New battery though. So YMMV.
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    USED Replacement Surface - do you think this is acceptable?

    Just to add one more data point, I received what appears to be a refurbished SP2 128GB last night. I requested a replacement Monday due to a dimmer backlight on the right side of the screen, the infamous "creak" at the top from overheating, and of course the firmware update from Hell. My...

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