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    Sustained High CPU Usage is Back

    I was having this problem after the win10 upgrade and seem to have resolved it by disabling windows defender. It seems defender wasn't properly turning off with other protection loaded and they were fighting.
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    Fix for suspend/resume crashes?

    Has anyone found a permanent fix for the suspend/resume crashes that have plagued the SP2 since day 1? We haven't seen any firmware updates in a while and I fear the surface team has moved on to the SP3 without resolving this critical issue. Anyone? Thanks, Jon
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    The "30% CPU at idle because of System + Interrupts" issue

    Just a 'me too' post. I see this issue and it doesn't seem to be related to audio playing (i.e., I'm experiencing it right now and there is not audio playing)
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    March Firmware Update is......back!

    Didn't show up (had the Feb update installed and checked for updates this afternoon) for me but I noticed that the driver pack has been updated and I was able to update using it and the powershell script to insert the updates.
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    No, it doesn't and most consumer grade routers don't do what you are suggesting (enterprise class radios can but no one deploys like that, everyone in enterprise spaces is pushing for 5GHz). 5GHz is generally widely preferred because it has considerably less interference, is typically set for...
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    Not sure what I did to earn this snarky comment but I did look around there before starting this thread; whatever it was, I apologize. Thanks to all for your comments, it looks like if this can be done, it isn't documented anywhere and hasn't yet been discovered. If someone does figure this...
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    What astar settings are you referring to? I proper config tool for the chipset has a good chance of solving the problem. Thanks.
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    I suggest we not turn this thread into a debate about WiFi best practices. As this is something I do professionally for large enterprises, my strong opinion and experience is that the best practice is a single SSID for 2.4/5; SSID separation is not typically used for frequency management but...
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    Installing .Net 3 and prior?

    From my google searches, there appears to be a common problem with the BITS service not functioning properly and breaking many things. I managed to get this to work by running the GUI based .net3 add immediately after a boot before BITS had a chance to get flakey.
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    Installing .Net 3 and prior?

    I have a number of applications including battery bar pro I'd like to install which require older .net libraries. I should be able to add them by selecting .Net3 in the windows add/remove features. This always fails with a network timeout... googling shows lots of people with the same problem...
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    My offices all do and most of my clients do (and those that don't, I help them recognize the value in doing so). I travel quite a bit for work to various colleges and universities and most of them have 2.4 and 5 on the same SSID (they may have several SSIDs for different groups though). I...
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    While this might be a workaround within my house, it is not a viable solution when at the office or any of the many other wifi networks I must use regularly. Is there any way to force the connection to prefer 5GHz as every other device I own does?
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    I have WAPs running 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi around my house. Whenever the Pro 2 is in range of any of the 2.4GHz WAPs, it insists on connecting to the slower 802.11g device instead of the speedy 5GHz 802.11n WAP. All of the other devices around the house (linux, mac, ios, android) happily prefer the...

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