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    Component To HDMI

    I need a cord that will take advantage of component and audio and HDMI on the other end. I then would use adaptor to plug into Surface Pro 2. Any suggestions?
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    Why does Live Video Audio not stop?

    Thanks I will try suggestions.
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    Why does Live Video Audio not stop?

    So I'm watching live video and I pull down to close. Video stops BUT audio keeps on playing. Any solution?
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    I lived with an Ipad for two years. After two years I was glad to try the Surface Pro 2. The toy Ipad now gathers dust as I advanced to the Surface computer. I guess there is a value for the Ipad if you play games.
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    First impressions & problems with the SP3

    I will not be dumping my SP2 anytime soon after reading these mostly negative reviews.
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    Is Power Cover valuable?

    What is wrong with all of you? I started this post to get a first hand opinion on the keyboards. Yes I can also use a search engine to find opinions. Just answer my question or ignore it and move on. Thank You.
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    Is Power Cover valuable?

    Is it similar to the first generation keyboard or the second generation? Is it thicker than the other keyboards? How much more use do you get when both the Surface and Keyboard are charged?
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    I prefer no backlit keyboard. I also prefer my Type 1 keyboard. If the weight isn't extreme I want one.
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    Is loose hinge normal?

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I will check out the Torx screws. We Surface owners are so lucky to have this excellent forum.
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    Is loose hinge normal?

    In my old Surface 2 the hinge easily went from a solid first and second stage opening. My new Surface Pro 2 has a second stage hinge with a lot of play in the hinge. I wonder if this is normal?
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    Screen Quality Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2

    Thanks for all the answers. It is not that the Pro 2 video is bad, just not as crisp. I wish there was an answer why Microsoft stayed with a piece of junk for a camera in the SP2.
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    Pen Scrolling solutions?

    Bad Decision.
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    Pen Scrolling solutions?

    The pen is wonderful for selecting or highlighting but WHY doesn't the pen allow scrolling up and down?
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    Screen Quality Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2

    I just updated from a Surface 2. I realize the video is suppose to be 1920x1080 on Surface 2 and Pro 2. It is not. The Pro 2 is not as clear. Any suggestions including "You are wrong".
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    microsd card problem

    I was just starting to get used to my SP2 and yes my SD card will not seat itself in the slot. The card worked fine in my Surface 2. It is a Patriot brand 64gb card. Any solution? Most important is it Surface Pro 2 design or the SD card itself? Mine is a SP2 with 512. I have been reading...

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