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    Great Surface Pen 4 Performance on Surface Pro 3

    Hmm interesting. Got this week the type cover of 4 for my 3 and love that. The pen I was thinking about.. One thing I wonder, does the pen also attaches to the side on the Pro 3 since it's a magnet?
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    To make a friend of mine happy. Will the Pro 3 run games like Sims 3 fine? I know it does on her Pro 1. Also any effects of the heat showing up, like the yellow line on the Pro 1?
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    HDMI Connector/Driver Issues

    The update of October that just got released has solved this problem for me. :)
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    HDMI Connector/Driver Issues

    Hey, This weekend I connected my Surface Pro with the HDMI adapter from Microsoft to my television. This went perfect and resulted into a good image on the television. After 5 minutes the connection got shut down between the television and my Surface. It sometimes reconnects for around 30...
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    New Marvell AVASTAR 350N WiFi Drivers for Windows 8/8.1 64-bit (versi14.69.24040.136)

    Thanks for telling it. I had also problems of my wifi disconnecting for no reason at all. The whole network adapter seemed to crash since it acted weird in device manager too. I installed also now the new driver and confirmed it on device manager. Now I hope this will solve the connection...

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