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    Largest Reliable Micro SD available for the SP4?

    Currently only 256GB MSDXCs or MSDHCs and they're expensive. You can do a 200GB one though for about $70-80.
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    Official I received my Surface Pro 4

    Funny, I just dumped my i5/16GB/512GB SP4 after sixteen months (and two other SP3s prior) to return to a Gen 4 X1 Carbon ThinkPad. Miss the SP4's screen, miss the 2-in-1, but love being back on a ThinkPad keyboard (even tho' the SP4's was pretty good), love the battery life (5.5-6 hrs on the...
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    New 'lappable keyboard' Brydge

    Nope, bluetooth so you're going to have a power draw there that may not be as efficient as the SP3, SP4 keyboards themselves. I myself really like the SP4 keyboard and don't know what this buys me that my Belkin CushDesk for $6.99 did, does for much less cost.
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    New to windows, help with thumb drive.

    BitLocker it and store your decryption key somewhere safe, but easily accessible. I put all mine in the root folder on my OneDrive.
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    Picture quality of Wireless Display Adapter

    Correct. Full resolution and refresh rate on a UHD, 4K monitor would require a DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 wired connection.
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    Picture quality of Wireless Display Adapter

    Anything above FHD on a WiDi you'll drop to 30Hz.
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    Picture quality of Wireless Display Adapter

    Depends upon your monitor. You'll get 1920x1080 HD fine, but whether you get a 30Hz or 60Hz refresh rate will depend upon the monitor.
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    A Good Back Cover like Incipio model.

    Carbon fiber skin. I've done one from Skinomi on both my SP3s and my SP4.
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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Agreed, night and day going from the SP3's keyboard to that of the SP4. I wish they'd make the NFL typecovers as SP4 keyboards.
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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Largely my use case though, after over ten ThinkPads including the last being a T430S w/16GB RAM and 1TB SSD, I go with the SP 4 on the road and in the office. On the road I've utilized the WiDi adapter for training sessions sitting in the front of a training room casting to the client's...
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    Best Practices for maintaining computer

    Different strokes. Mine is a production development machine: MS Office Pro 2016 MS Visio Pro 2016 MS Project Pro 2016 MS Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015 Eclipse Mars VMware Workstation 12.5 NetBeans 8.0.2 Oracle VM VirtualBox Too many utilities to list.
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    Best Practices for maintaining computer

    I run Wise Disk Cleaner daily, Windows disk clean-up at least weekly. CCleaner to clean the registry weekly.
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    Unbelievably Bad Warranty Repair Experience

    The "before" photos are key, critical. I do this any time I ship any electronics (computers, televisions, monitors) I've sold on eBay. Went through the above fire drill last year with a 51" Samsung I shipped FedEx that got completely demolished by their handling, took three months, multiple...
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    SP4 docking station woes

    Just as an FYI to any others reading, though most SP4 owners want, like the new dock, my SP4 has been running on my SP3 port replicator with the spacer flawlessly for almost a year now and I've ran multiple external monitors - an AOC Q2963PM, Asus PB287Q, LG27UD68-W, LG 34UM94-P, Dell U3415-W -...

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