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    surface book 2 keeps losing connection with gpu

    Yes, they are aware of it, have acknowledged it, and are working on a fix; and, yes, there are tons of complaints online about it. See the post below for further details. Surface Book 2 GPU Driver disappears randomly after May 2019 update
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    System Thread Exception Not Handled blue screen, anybody else getting this a lot?

    It's been several weeks now and not a single crash so, in my case, 1809 fixed the issue.
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    System Thread Exception Not Handled blue screen, anybody else getting this a lot?

    Well, it has only been 24 hours but so far, so good. If I make it a week without the issue re-occurring, then I'll consider it resolved. That's a long internet service outage you are experiencing; I hope you get it back soon.
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    System Thread Exception Not Handled blue screen, anybody else getting this a lot?

    Yes, exact same issues here and I, too, have the same SB2 model. Furthermore, I never had this type of instability with the SB2 before, so it was very annoying for the frequency at which it was occurring. 1809 update came to me this morning, however, so if that's the fix, it certainly remains...
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    SB2/Surface Dock - Max External Monitors Supported

    I've been running 3 externals + built-in since the SB1 using the Dock: All externals are 2560 x 1600 2 use the mini-DP ports 1 uses a USB3 port (USB-DP dongle is attached) Has always worked like a charm.
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    About to get SB2 13"-worried about coil whine!

    Same here; it's absolutely quiet.
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    SB2 not updating to 1709 and other problems

    Can you elaborate a bit here because storing files on OneDrive is a choice, not a requirement. I have the Office 365 subscription with the Desktop clients installed and although my logins to MS are to validate my subscription, I store my files locally, as has always been the case. Or is it...
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    Surface Book 2 unboxing & initial review (all here)

    Congratulations (but sorry you couldn't get the 15", though)! Check "Settings > System > Display" to see if the "Change brightness automatically when lighting changes" is enabled.
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    Anyone recieved their SB2

    Got it!!! :D But fun stuff will have to wait until tomorrow. What's totally surprising is that it arrived with no signature required and FedEx just left it at the door (they didn't ring by doorbell because it was late)! :confused:
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    Anyone recieved their SB2

    For me, almost, almost, almost...the latest FedEx tracker says out for delivery.
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    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    Just pre-ordered the 15" i7 512GB and can't wait! :D
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    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I've been eagerly awaiting this second generation and was resigned to it coming in Spring 2018 but am now extremely happy to see it coming this year. I will definitely be pre-ordering. But they really still need to address getting a kickstand for the screen when being used as a tablet.
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    Video kills Webex on Surface Book

    WebEx runs perfectly fine for me and always has; no issues whatsoever. It did it standard install, so I am not aware of any special startup parameter settings. It has just always worked for me as-is. Have you tried disabling non-MS services, rebooting and then trying WebEx again, just to see...
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    Sleep issues ... again (sigh)

    No, I wasn't referring to Marketing and drinking their Kool-Aid. Rather, after they issued the update that claimed to fix the issue, based on the user feedback all over the internet, it was working for everyone except for what seemed to be a handful of us unlucky souls. It was very frustrating...
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    Sleep issues ... again (sigh)

    Way back when MS issued some update and proclaimed the Sleep/Hibernate issue fixed, it seemed that it did, indeed, fix the issue for the whole world except for just a handful of folks. Sadly, I was in that handful. I continued to struggle with the issue for Lord knows how long until some...