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    problems after july update

    wynand32 I have the same issue (using a SP4). In fact when the taskbar/notification button freezes, everything else has issues too (Edge, IE, Chrome etc.). Also the sound driver doesn't seem to work and there is no sound at all. However, a simple restart of the Surface and all is fixed. Funnily...
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    Light bubble when touching screen

    hi - thanks to the user who linked to my similar issue. I am now beginning to think this is more of a driver/recent update conflict as i'm reading more and more similar issues occurring in the past couple of weeks. I have just done the 'switch off visual feedback on touch' in settings and the...
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Okay, interesting.. like I said, thanks all for responses. When I have a couple of quieter weeks I'll probably backup and refresh (any tips for a Nov 15 version of Win 10 so I don't have to go through the major update?) and if it still doesn't work, then I'll contact MS.
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    hi Amar - did yours occur from as soon as you purchased the SP4 though? I never had an issue until perhaps 4 weeks ago.. which happens to tie in with the latest driver date.
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Thanks for the replies, and yes - Yillbs, it's not my palm resting on the screen - though worth checking ;) Given the other reported similar issues, I think its more likely driver issues than hardware. Think I'm prepared to wait for now until a future update (as they seem to be coming quite...
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Hi So I am quite enjoying my SP4 (had since release) and together with Win10 offers a really good portable device. Anyway, recently I noticed that when using the touch screen (with my fingers) sometimes there is a ghost 'touch' at the top of the screen. It doesn't happen on every press, and...
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    I agree completely with this last sentence in particular. The $/£s saved with going for the i5/256GB will go towards Christmas gifts for my friends/family and my PS4. On an additional note for the topic, since the latest push of updates from MS, I must say I have noticed a dramatic decrease in...
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    very slow on startup

    My SP4 is super quick as well, as long as .... 1) the keyboard is not flipped back, or 2) I have no usb drives plugged in. Otherwise it takes much longer, but still bearable.
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    Just new SP4 display crashing

    Yes - its a common issue. Just keep checking windows update until its all up-to-date. Also, if you google Surface Pro 4 drivers - Microsoft's download website has an API you can run which I did also just to make sure the drivers were uptodate as can be. Others have found doing a clean install...
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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    rsutcliffe - I feel your pain as I have experienced some similar issues with stability etc. I love my iPhone because its simple and does what it does very very well. If you wanted a device for design/drawing I probably would go for the iPad pro, as with the iPad, give it 6 months to a year and...
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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    I would stick with the 6%. I remember updating the November Win10 update and it took almost 4 hours in total! (and that was after the download). There is a small chance you do have a HDD defect or something if you're unlucky, but by the sounds of it all your issues are mostly software related or...
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    Bought the Surface Pro 4 today. (An upgrade from Surface Pro 2)

    hmm interesting to see you got the 256GB version, but will store your docs on the (slower) SSD card. I too did get an SSD card but using that to store BBC iplayer downloads (for travel) and the odd game I installed from steam. I do however use OneDrive for my default file storage which is on my...
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    Best drawing program?

    To be honest I quite like Fresh Paint which comes as standard... haven't tried any others yet.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    So, although I don't get it too often, the odd website does cause the display driver to crash (I am using IE instead of Edge for 90% of my browsing). I have installed all latest updates and using SP4/256GB/8GB. Today I noticed the error which appeared (see attached) noted the display driver for...
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    Its interesting reading people's experiences of their SP4. I love apple products. I am definitely more of a style than techy person and had quite a difficult decision to make between a SP4 and Mac book pro (the MB air screen just doesn't cut it). It came down to the portability. What MS has done...

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