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    Surface Pro 2 speakers improvement

    Hi, Have you upgraded your SP to windows 10? I was amased by the loudness of the speaker output, I mean, consistently across sources (bbc iplayer, youtube, music players, etc.) I actually started a thread in the forum to identify any other who had this pleasant surprise. Good luck!
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    Surface Pro speaker loudness

    Interestingly, I thought people have been whinging about the quietness rather than loudness of the Surface speaker? The speaker's output is how it should be in my opinion. Could you point me to the thread where people consider it an issue, rather than a good news?
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    Surface Pro speaker loudness

    Is it just me whose Surface Pro becomes louder after upgrade to windows 10 - by I don't know, 20 decibels? Any possible explanation? Driver? I fell in love with it again :D

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