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    Return of the Sleep/Hibernate Mode Fails

    Some potentially relevant background information... About two months ago, I noticed that if I flipped my Type Cover 2 back behind the SP2, it would go to sleep. After talking with Microsoft support, and testing with other SP2s, it became apparent that my Type Cover was damaged, and flipping it...
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    Have they fixed the bug where the device crashes when booting from sleep?

    EVERYTHING everything? Audio, batteries, firmware, display, processors, etc.? Or just things like HID, imaging... How long ago did you do that? Weeks, months? That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea, eliminating a possible bad driver and letting it reinstall the latest and greatest.
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    Have they fixed the bug where the device crashes when booting from sleep?

    I know I'm jumping into this sort of late and kind of pulling a tldr... but I have the same issue, where when going from sleep to hibernation, my SP2 will crash. It actually went away for while, and now has started to come up again. It's inconsistent. I can have days where the SP2 works fine and...
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    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - F6U-00011 vs F6U-00001 ?

    I suspect that there is no difference. Probably some slight manufacturing changes, or maybe built at a different facility. The reason I don't think there is a difference is that DisplayPort and HDMI carry Audio and Video the same way, electrically. DisplayPort (and Thunderbolt) do have greater...
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    Is there a way to transfer OneNote handwritten notes to another PC?

    As others have said, if you sync your OneNote notebook with OneDrive, then you can open it on as many instances of OneNote on as many devices as you want (PC, Mac, Android, whatever). If you save the notebook as a local file, you can copy and paste or move the notebook. OneNote 2013 only...
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    Closing Type Cover - billions of issues

    Thus far the only "solution" I have had is either to reinstall the driver AGAIN, or to disable sleep mode. Neither are real solutions.
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    Closing Type Cover - billions of issues

    I've had a similar issue. Sleeping hadn't worked right until the Feb update, and then about a week ago, if I tried to wake up the SP2 from sleep using my Type Cover, this would happen. I uninstalled the "Surface Type Cover Filter Device", reinstalled it, and the issues went away for a few days...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    Well, since you insist so very much, the picture will be a demonstration of using the pen - the first thing I tried to draw (keep in mind I haven't drawn in a long time) once it was working. Mockingjay, anyone?
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    Magnetic Charger Connection

    Have you heard of Sugru? It's a foamy, rubber material that you can purchase only that some people place on their phones and camera to make them bounce when dropped. Since it is easily formed and dries sort of like an epoxy, I was considering buying some to attach to my charger cable... give me...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    Hello! I did get a new Surface Pen in the mail, and it works perfectly, as expected. Microsoft didn't ask me to ship them the old pen back (I double checked to be sure) so I guess now I get the chance to disassemble the old pen and see what was wrong with it. I'm just excited that I can write...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    Okay. I'm glad to hear that it may be defective and that someone else has encountered the same issue. Hopefully unlike what GoodBytes has suggested it is not the digitizer as a whole (because I really don't want to be without my SP2 for a few weeks) but if they are willing to replace just the...
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    Digital Pen - Excel

    I just opened Excel, and by using the Surface Pen, it did not register any writing I did upon the cells. However, what you can do is bring up the Touch Keyboard, which has a handwriting section, and use this to fill in data into a particular cell. I'm not sure how easy it would be to tab to the...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    That's unfortunate. My normal writing style does not lift up that much from paper, and I do the same with the screen. Little light lines trace between the letters... it looks weird if I intend to send copies of my notes to others. Even if this is proper behavior, is there a way to adjust it...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    Let me start off by saying that I do have the WinTab drivers installed, and that I have the "Pen Tablet Properties" tool in my Control Panel. Maybe I'm adjusting the "tip feel" incorrectly, but it feels as those the pen digitizer is too sensitive at times. Today, I was writing in OneNote, and...
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    Surface Pro 2 – Dual Monitor Setup

    I am using my Surface Pro with two external monitors that run at 1920x1080 each. One monitor is connected using a approx. $10 DisplayPort to HDMI converter from Monoprice. The other monitor is connected using a USB 2.0 to DVI adapter. The adapter installs some software on the computer that grabs...

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