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    Bobj's Introduction

    Thanks for the intro. Being in Florida myself and conducting business on the water I am hoping for a case that will not slip from moving surfaces and be black in color. I'm looking forward to watching your case unfold.
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    BobjGear is a Supporting Vendor!

    Just browsed the cases. Those look sharp! Thank you for the support. I look forward to ordering from you once the Slate ships.
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    I would definitely use a mifi device with one. I would rather have WiFi using my battery than a 3G/4G battery hogging radio.
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    Apple Patents the Wedge Design

    Just out of curiosity if you were to replace the name Apple with Google would this still bother people? I do think that technology should be protected by a patent system if you have dished out cash for R&D. You should be compensated for your research. Patenting designs like triangles, circles...
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    HP ditches Windows RT tablet plans, Microsoft Surface to blame

    WebOS has a slim chance to none in succeeding now. Google scooped up almost all of the coders on that project. One of my favorite comments in one of the articles that I read was "Google buys WebOS for zero billion dollars."
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    RIM Gasping for Air; Considering Switching to Windows

    Their new phone has no resemblance to their older hardware. It should have been released last year. So yes, I do believe that the Blackberry name alone can sell phones with a decent OS. Whether it be windows or iOS or Android. Corporations are never quick to move from one tech to the next.
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    Windows 8 Updates

    I wouldn't upgrade on any OS to a higher version. Clean install all the way for me!
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    RIM Gasping for Air; Considering Switching to Windows

    Slap a Blackberry logo on a Windows OS and corporations will buy it.
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    Microsoft Predicts that Tablets Will Overtake PCs Next Year

    Nothing beats a big screen though. Throw in DLNA and I see this happening.
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    HP ditches Windows RT tablet plans, Microsoft Surface to blame

    And so it begins. How do they expect Microsoft to make any money if they don't charge for the software?
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    AOL vs Windows 8

    Lol. Wow. Just wow.
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    [Rumor] Microsoft Surface Tablet May Sell Only in Microsoft Stores

    There is no way this is happening. They will be in stores for people to go touch and feel on. I can't see MS being this ignorant.
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    Microsoft Enters Office Socializing With a $1.2 Billion Purchase

    A 600 million dollar evaluation that sold for twice that?! Man I am in the wrong business. Our company's social platform is text messages lol.
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    Windows 8 Beta

    I am sticking with Win8. I agree that the Metro is odd on a desktop. Once I arranged my tiles into zones though it makes sense. They are pretty much just like regular shortcuts, but with widget functionality built in. It will be interesting to watch it mature on the PC environment. The Metro...
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    [GAME] Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for not recognizing the yellow, half bear, half raccoon, crazy smiling pikachu.