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    access windows 10 OneNote from another computer user account

    Yes but what i'm saying is if one user logs in and downloads and installs Onenote other users don't have access. The other user would have to download and install after they login.
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    surface book original can do 4k?

    Are you using the Nvidia graphics card? You have to set up in the Nvidia control panel for the video player to use the nvidia. I believe everything defaults using integrated graphics and you have to change it to use Nvidia.
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    access windows 10 OneNote from another computer user account

    Windows store apps are only available to the user account that installed.
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    Surface Book 3: News, Rumors, Specs, Release Date, and More | Digital Trends
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    I expect it at the yearly Microsoft Surface hardware event in 2020.
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    Unable to select dGPU in manage 3d settings

    Ok new news. Today ZDNet released an article saying that MS is blocking the Windows 10 May 2019 update on Surface Book 2's. assuming your on a SB2. They blocked the update after it was reported that some machines that received the update and causes the machine not to detect the Nvidia GPU. This...
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    Unable to select dGPU in manage 3d settings

    If thought the dropdowqn list only shows one options that is the only one the software can use.
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    Can't detach tablet

    Unable to detach my SB2 from keyboard due to 'Lockapp'
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    Can't detach tablet

    I agree if your apps are using the Nvidia graphics card it's located in the base and if you separate the clipboard for the base the app doesn't have access to the Nvidia card. I've gone in to the Nvidia Control panel to switch the app to use the Intel graphics.
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    How to limit the graphics shared memory size?

    Is that what you are asking about?
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    "0% and not charging"

    Well it could be the battery or the battery meter as sometimes they aren't accurate.
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    Updating Nvida Graphics Card Drivers

    You can also go to Device Manager and find Nvidia under Display Adapters. Right click on update driver software and that should work.
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    Update Graphics Driver

    Now remember your Surface Book has 2 graphics cards. One built into the processor by Intel and the Nvidia discrete card. You need to check the Nvidia Control panel and it should show you the default GP the app is using. Then go from there. If you go to Device Manager and click update driver it...
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    Recommend Screenshot/ Screencapture

    If you go to the search in your taskbar and type snipping tool. There is one that come with Windows 7 and 10 at least. I just paste it to the taskbar and i can use it anytime. Get into Start Menu, select All apps, choose Windows Accessories and tap Snipping Tool. Type snip in the search box on...
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    How do I change email used for 'Microsoft Account'

    Your Microsoft account is an account you created that store all your Microsoft stuff. Things associated with MS like wallpapers and web browser favorites. You can use any email address to login to your Windows account. Since you used your Google email address you have a password you created when...

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