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    Cloning my NVME SSD onto a larger SSD

    Bought an i7 256gb SP3 with a broken screen to repair and while I was at it upgraded the ssd to 1tb. With the mSATA drive it was easy to clone with a USB connection but the NVMe drive seems a lot more difficult. I was going to use the Samsung software but my SP4 is not fitted with a compatible...
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    Cloning my NVME SSD onto a larger SSD

    I have already upgraded my Surface Pro 3 from 256gb to 1tb. A friend cloned the drive presumably using a caddie to interface each drive to another computer. I now have a Surface Pro 4 with a 256gb NVMe SSD which I would like to upgrade to 1tb. The trouble is I cannot find a caddy for an NVMe...

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