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    Should I up to Pro 4 or 2017?

    Thanks.. Yes wait and see I guess .
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    Should I up to Pro 4 or 2017?

    What would be the dif in the regular and the lite versions.. and price? Any ideas
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    Should I up to Pro 4 or 2017?

    Hi, I have the Pro 3 since it first came out and had no probs with it. I am thinking of upgrading but not sure about the big spend to 2017. Does the up to Pro 4 give a difference to 3? I would like to be able to add a card and a sim but they are not really a big deal breaker. Thanks
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    Surface Pro Power Supply

    I have bought a couple of chargers on Ebay and they have been fine. I have 3 now including the original one that cam with the Pro 3. I also have a car charger I bought on Ebay.
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    Surface Pro 3 Fail Update1511 KB3124200

    I see my Surface has Failed to Update for 1511 KB3124200. It has been playing up a little so I would like to get this down. It tried it a few times on 29/1/2016. What shall i do oz
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    Best way to get mobile data access

    Hi, Have SP3 and really sorry i bought it as it is useless for me when I am away from a modem or WiFi. There are times I need access using mobile phone data.. don't want to talk.. just data. I have an ipad which has a data connection for $5 a month. I know I can hot spot my phone but what is...
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    What is best media player for what I want to do ?

    Hi, I need a player for mp3, wav, avi, mp4 etc which has a large control panel.. play, stop etc. Seems like most are small controls especially on my SP3 with it high res. Any ideas please maybe how to make the controls larger. It is for playing back audio tracks to a mixer and PA with video...
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    Solved Is my email an EAS message

    Many thanks... done !
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    Solved Is my email an EAS message

    Many thanks.. Yes that works... I am now back to trying to get the Store app back on the SP.. any suggestions please ? Oz
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    Solved Is my email an EAS message

    Hi, For some reason the My Store App has disappeared from my SP3 512. I have not been able to see where I can get it back so I can check more apps. In the process My SP3 told me to change my login to a MS account. I had one on my desktop and for Skype etc so found the email I used with pad...
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    Best way to connect to web via cell mobile

    Thanks for the replies. I have a Galaxy S4 at the moment so I guess if I left it paired to the Surface, it would automatically get thru to the web. This is I have an ipad 3 in which I do have a cell card.. 50GB for a year for $20 or so. Telstra in Australia. So when I am out it is easy.. mail...
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    Best way to connect to web via cell mobile

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes I can bluetooth thru my mobile and I also use the LAN cable at times but I was hoping for something which was quick whilst I was out, rather than having to get out my phone, pair it and then go thru the connect stuff. How do others do it? Thanks
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    Best way to connect to web via cell mobile

    Hi, I have Surface Pro 3 256GB and at times I really need to connect to web sithout WiFi around. What is the best and quickest way to do this please. I am really sorry I oversepnt on the Pro 3 when this option is not available and now on Pro 4 it is. I just bought my Pro 3 3 months ago ! :-( oz
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    New SP3 trying to connect to MS ac

    Hi, I have just got my SP3 and trying to connect to my account. I do have an account and it works on other boxes. I get to the wifi and choose the home network that works on everything else, and it then says we can't connect to network. All I see is.. get online.... I do have a Mac filter on...
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    Some comments on Surface Pro 3

    BTW it seems this does not have a HDMI port, correct ? Can it support 3 ext drives etc on the one USB ? Also what bout streaming to a TV, will it do it ? Just spoke with JB HiFi and the 256GB has been reduced to $1598 but the KB is $179. Anyone know of any better deals in Sydney ? Thanks again

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