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    Apple guy reviews Microsoft Surface ("revisited")

    I left an iPad for SurfaceRT and haven't looked back. I'm probably not the target audience for an iPad. I mostly used mine for email, remote desktop to Windows servers and desktops, light Office document work and as a media player. My Surface does all that I did on the iPad and does it mostly...
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    Windows 8.2... What Do You Want!?

    I want to see something like Airplay or Play to Xbox with something other than an Xbox. MS needs a chromecast-sized device you can take with you. I've seen companies bring in Apple hardware just to use Airplay in their conference rooms for presentations, video, and screen sharing because Apple...
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    Windows 8.2... What Do You Want!?

    I agree. I like some elements of that guys concept, but I don't get the fixation of a smaller start menu - especially in addition to the Win8 start screen. Its unnecessary and would be confusing to users. I'm not crazy about windowing apps either - although I hear that could be coming. MS is...
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    So, do you ever use the Windows button?

    I don't know how you could eliminate it. How would you get back to start if you only have one app open? I would be ok with relocating it or making it a physical button you had to press with force.
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    Recording Audio from a USB Microphone

    Yes, the Surface Pro runs full Windows 8 just like you will find on any desktop or laptop. If your USB device works in Windows, it will work on the Surface Pro. If you already have software for Windows, you can run it on the Surface Pro. Surface RT run Windows RT. It looks just like Widows 8...
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    Recording Audio from a USB Microphone

    Surface pro should be no problem. RT will depend on what hardware you use. Not sure about the Shure mic you mentioned. I use an external USB DAC with my Surface and it saw it and installed it immediately. Other devices that need special drivers might not work.
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    Surface RT recognizing hotspot?

    Make sure the hotspot name has no special characters or spaces.
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    Surface vs laptop??

    The only reason I would hesitate to recommend a Surface as a laptop replace is screen size. If you want something smaller, more portable and can live with the Surface screen size, its a great laptop replacement. If you spend a lot of time working on the go, in airports, coffee shops, etc, you...
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    We've officially have become the Poster Family for the Surface!!!

    We are kind of the same for Windows Phone. All four of us have WPs now. BTW - Family Room is excellent!
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    [RT]Outlook 2013 RT vs. 8.1 Mail app

    The main difference for me, and the reason I don't use Outlook, is that Outlook does not interact with anything on the charms menu.
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    Screw you Microsoft

    Sure, it could be subjective, but the processor in the Surface Pro 1 is more powerful than the both of my desktops at home. If you compare the fastest non-Windows tablet available, it will be a fraction of the power the Surface Pro has and will be running an mobile OS that is far less capable...
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    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    I for a good test, I would run it all the way down, then do a full charge, then test. This will calibrate the metering so it knows how much 20% of your capacity really is. I played with mine most of the evening last night and didn't charge it over night and it was still about half full this...
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    Windows 8.1 update cut my wifi speed in half :-(

    Could you be getting interference? Maybe your speeds have been up and down before, but you only tested when they happened to be good? You could try changing the channel on your router. You might have a neighbor that put up a router that's causing issues, or your microwave, or who knows what else...
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    How to delete Windows.old (7gigs) after update...

    Wow. So much free space now. I may move some media to the C drive now and see if its faster.
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    Windows 8.1 - Things you have noticed...

    Use the Disk Cleanup utility to delete Windows.old. From the start screen just type Disk Cleanup and you'll see it.

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