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    Had to reset tonight...

    Found out what my problem was. I installed Bitdefender Free edition, which is fantastically light, and quick, and also somehow conflicts with both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome desktop versions. I had forgotten about doing that initially, remembered I had, installed it, and the result...
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    Had to reset tonight...

    For some reason my SP started behaving strangely tonight. First Chrome wouldn't open. Several uninstall/reinstalls later it still wouldn't work. I tried a refresh but ran into a lot of problems with other apps not working. I was tempted to work with it to see what I could discover, but decided...
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    Want to use Pro but without signing into a windows/msn account

    Yeah, I don't have a real problem with it. They're all doing it, or soon will if not. With cloud storage, updates, stores, if you're at all internet connected, and there aren't many who are not, you're pretty much forced to be in their loop. You can always create a new Microsoft account, only...
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    New SP 2 only connects to router at 802.11a

    Most consumer grade routers, when set to Mixed Mode in order to accommodate different connecting network clients, will slow down your local network. As an example, say you have 5 devices connecting to your router, all but one of which can connect on the new C protocol, or if you have an older...
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    Surface Pro won't connect faster then 5.5mbps to Linksys WRT320N

    So, your other devices all connect wirelessly and their upload speed is greater than 5.5Mbps? And you only have whichever system you are checking powered on during the time you're running your tests? The limitation you're showing could be due to network traffic or a cap due to network congestion...
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    Antivirus for Surface Pro

    That's good to hear. So far, I like it and will be moving two other PCs to it as well. It's hardly noticeable yet has passed all of the tests I've thrown at it fine. I like their support as well. At least their forums as that's all I've looked at.
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    Magnetic Charger Connection

    I just read yours a few minutes ago myself...great minds?
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    Magnetic Charger Connection

    Glad that helped! It still aggravates me occasionally but I blame my old eyesight for that. Magnetism vs Stigmatism!
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    Still having wifi issues and dropping connectivity

    I've started losing connectivity this evening myself. One thing to consider regarding using 5GHZ vs 2.4 is the ability of 2.4 to to make it around walls and obstructions. In that regard it's far superior to 5Ghz. That is part of the problem with my using it as I may have to relocate my router...
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    Hi from the North

    Welcome! And don't worry about the dumb questions...we've all had them. I'm fairly new to Windows 8 and the Surface Pro myself, and it's taking some getting used to, but I've found a lot of good info here. The user guide you're led to with the new machine is excellent by the way. Good-luck!
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    owner of orignal surface pro and surface pro 2

    I appreciate your observations/comparisons. I bought the original Surface, due to the price, and am happy with it excepting the battery life. I mean, it's not that I'm unhappy with it, but when I hear about the additional battery life in the Surface 2, I'm envious! I don't travel as much as I...
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    Rat Rating - Found an excellent mouse - Better than Wedge

    I've lost a lot of my original love for the T630 unfortunately. I've experienced a lot of what Arizona Willie has been talking about and can't understand what caused it. Also, for whatever reason, scrolling would reverse on its own! I would turn it off and back on and it would right itself, but...
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    is this a good deal ..?! Surface pro 128GB for 449$ ( Manufacturer refurbished )

    Good deal... it took me awhile to get used to it, but I like it fine now. It's become my go to machine. I pre-ordered that case as well. Looked good and I really like some of the Kickstarter opportunities. My main problem with the SP isn't the machine itself, but trying to get a mouse that I...
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    Magnetic Charger Connection

    You're very right...I forgot to mention that. It does try to get down there and interfere, doesn't it? Good point!
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    Antivirus for Surface Pro

    If you check Frys.Com now and again, you can usually pick up security software free. Normally with a manufacturer rebate, so you pay up front, but in about 60 days, or that's been my experience, you will get your rebate. I used that for Kaspersky and again for BitDefender. I just purchased...

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