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    Mini Displayport Adapter

    From what I read to connect an external monitor to my dock I need and active mini displayport adapter? Correct? Any recommendations on which one to get?
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    Just got my new Surface Pro 4 256 SSD with 8GB Ram. Is anybody running AMDUOS on their Surface and how is the performance?
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    Maill App

    Due to the fact that there was recent email outage at Cox I have decided to move my email over to gmail. I use one gmail account for registering for website that require an email for a userid, I will call this my main account. I use another gmail account for all of my email (
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    Microsoft Home Use Program

    The pro is an x86 computer so, I see no reason why HUP will not be allowed. The same rules will apply on that you can have it on only one computer.
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    Multiple Display

    Just got my new Windows 8 laptop and starting to set things up. So far I have to admit that Windows 8 is nice to use. I do have one issue for my multiple display setup, I was planning on keeping the start screen on one display and classic view on another display. Apparently, the start screen...

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