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    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    What do people think the delivery lag is now? If I ordered today, are we still talking 3 weeks before delivery? Is there a clever way of being able to choose your touch cover color, or is it a case of getting a black one and that's that unless you but a second one?
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    Questions for Surface Owners

    Thats brilliant, thanks! I don't suppose you're able to post a video here or on youtube of you opening a powerpoint and sending to onenote, just keen to see the process and how it works/how smooth it is?
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    Questions for Surface Owners

    I wonder if any of you could do a test for me on your Surface please? Can you open up a powerpoint presentation, and then try and "Print to Onenote" I know this is possible in Office 2010 and Office 2013, I am very keen to see if its still there in the RT version? Or is there any other way...

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