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    Any way to customise trackpad gestures?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Is there any way that a 4-finger tap can be reprogrammed to go forward?
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    Hardware revisions and end of manufacturing

    I would not worry too much unless something is wrong with the unit. At worst, the oldest SP3s are still only 2 years old. Most likely what you are getting will be much newer than that. A fully empty battery does not mean a lot. LiPo cells still lose a charge over time without load, and while a...
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    Surface pen and One Note destop with Windows 1-

    I have the SP4 pen on my SP3. I manually deleted the drivers for the pen, manually installed the drivers for the Surface Pro 4, and then I could use the Surface App to customize a single click, double click, and click hold to anything you like. If you have the SP3 pen, this method may or may...
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    Annoying System Idle Process Too High...SP4 Drivers a Possible Solution?

    So I would say 1 in every 5 or so boots the System Idle Process & System eats about 30% of the CPU's available resources...if I do not restart, the fans ramp up, the battery consumption increases 3-fold, and the speed of use is slower. This is not an issue with my machine or my is...
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    Running Win7 on a SP3 w/ Win10 as secondary OS - is a Win7 VM the best way to go?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will give it a try! Primarily because I do computer tutoring and quite a few of my students still are using Windows 7. One school I am about to start teaching at went to Windows 7 in 2013 so I am going to guess they will have Windows 10 around 2021. As great as 10...
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    Three finger swipe on touchpad - I want it to go back and forth for webpages and explorer

    I have a SP3 with a SP4 type cover and stylus. On my MacBook Pro's with their current generation touchpads, I can swipe three fingers left and right and program what I want it to do. Specifically, I have it set to go back and forth, which is useful when browsing the internet. To my...
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    Running Win7 on a SP3 w/ Win10 as secondary OS - is a Win7 VM the best way to go?

    This question fits into more than one subcategory, so I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. In short, I want to be able to use Windows 7 on my SP3 with Windows 10. I assume creating a VM of 7 will be the most feasible method, but have some questions on this. I just...