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    Type Cover 2 doesn't work after reattaching to Surface 3

    I use an original Type Cover (Type Cover I without back light) with my Surface 3 running Windows 10 and do not have your problem. I just tried my Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (with back light) with my Surface 3 and likewise do not have your problem. While neither is your exact configuration, I...
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    Office365 Personal: how to best enable a 2nd free subscription?

    I have been a happy Office 365 Personal user for nearly 6 months when I got a 12 month subscription included with the PC that I then purchased. I have since purchased a Surface 3 tablet that also came with a separate 12 month subscription. I'd like to activate the second subscription (with...
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    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    Or this:
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    Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.

    Since I have an Eye-Fi device (even though I'm not using it with my current setup) I've got this working with my Android (Galaxy Note 4) and my SP3. I have installed the Android Eye-Fi app on my Note 4 and Eye-Fi Center on my SP3. Whenever I take a picture with my phone (as long as my phone &...
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    Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.

    Barb's trick got me thinking... Several years ago, Microsoft Research had a project to use early generation Windows Phone devices to take close-up pictures. They sent out free devices (like the one in the first attached picture) to those of us that requested them. I still have mine. Once I...
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    Original Tablet Input Panel

    I too miss that feature AND would also like the desktop IE to call the keyboard.
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    I need a UK/EU power cord spare part, where to find?

    FWIW, I got the "Europe" cable here:
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    External Battery Pack Option

    i own and use the intocircuit 26000 battery. it gives me about two full extra charges on my SP1. now if i could just find the appropriate power cable for my SP3!
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    New update still no Ad Hoc

    A couple of years ago I had an HP TouchSmart laptop that had nothing but problems with its internal WiFi adapter. I purchased and started using a separate USB WiFi adapter. I simply disabled the internal adapter and never looked back. FWIW, here's the device I used...
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    Something really annoying

    I too occasionally have had this problem. Reboot does fix it.
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    Any way to keep icons in place after rotation?

    I use an app called "DeskSave" from
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    Windows Journal

    Journal's simplicity really captivated me in 2002--so much so, I resisted converting to OneNote for a very long time even though I had OneNote installed on my TabletPC.
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    Stylus magnetically attaches to right side!

    I accidentally just stumbled upon this. I had no idea! My apologies in advance if any of you already knew this.
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    SP3 Dock vs Plugable UD-3900

    Forgive me in advance (I'm a "bean counter") but here's my financial justification for the dock at $199.99: I don't need to separately purchase an extra power supply for $79.99 I get the wired Ethernet port without spending $39.99 for the adapter I get the extra USB ports without spending...
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    The Mouse I Always Have With Me - Under 2 Dollars - iPhone As My Mouse for Surface

    How about "Mouse without borders?" Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download Center coupled with the Windows Phone app: Mouse Without Borders | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) Not only can I control my Surface Pro from my Windows...

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