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    Touchscreen Calibration problem?

    Yes, this! (although I think you meant calibration, CT...) I posted this fix a while back on this forum in another thread. Worked perfectly for me (SP3, i7, 250 GB, Win10) for this problem. Try it before returning, resetting, etc.
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    Solved Problem with touch screen

    Yes, worked for me. "...(SP3 I7, Win10)..." Hope you have equally satisfactory results.
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    Solved Problem with touch screen

    I had a very similar problem (SP3 I7, Win10) , where a band along the right side of the screen stopped responding to finger touch, but did respond to the pen. This non-response even included the Windows start button. The problem seemed intermittent, then became full time over the past month or...
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    lost wifi after november update

    I had wifi problems after the update, also, although the symptoms were different from yours. I could get stable wifi connections with certain networks, but not others. For example, my work router puts out a network for employees and a separate one for guests. I could not connect to the former...
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    Just Windows Defender here, and my SP3 crashed hard with this update. Didn't know about the Safe Mode workaround until just now, darn it, but I couldn't wait. Had to get my system back up for work today. I've already spent about 5 hours resetting and reloading, and I'm not halfway done. A major...
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    Same problem here, too. (Arrghhh!) I had updated and shutdown this afternoon. A short time later, I was set to give a business presentation. Booted up, and no computer! Thank goodness I had put the presentation on a USB drive, and could run it from my host's computer. I ended up resetting my...
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    Wifi limited connectivity

    I've meet having terrific problems with this same issue (and with two different routers) since a recent update. After a lot of trial-and-error, I rolled back the Marvell AVASTAR Wireless adapter drivers from 15.68.3091.192 [6/4/2015] to the older 15.68.3073.151 [12/22/2014], and this seemed to...

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