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    A solution to poor battery life and connected stand-by battery drain

    The writing part of the pen doesn't use Bluetooth. The purple button at the top uses Bluetooth. Does the purple button still work?
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    Staffpad - music notation software

    I'm use a SP3 i5 with 8GB RAM. It also works OK on my Asus Vivotab Note 8 which only has a Baytrail processor and 2GB RAM, so the Surface 3 should have no problems. One thing I've noticed is that it will randomly crash out to the metro screen. Good thing is that it seems to save everything, so...
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    Staffpad - music notation software

    I ended up buying this yesterday and overall am quite pleased with it. The writing recognition is quite good as long as you are fairly legible. I wish you could lasso select notes and then drag them up and down. moving notes one at a time is quite tedious when you want to transpose a whole...
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    Staffpad - music notation software

    Looks pretty cool Has anyone tried it yet? $70 seems pretty steep. Some comments suggest that the pen input doesn't work as flawlessly as they make out in the video... Shame they don't have a demo.
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    Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard with Surface Pro 3

    Are there no Fn keys on that keyboard? I would prefer a row of dedicated Fn keys to the media keys. On my K810, I have it toggled do that the Fn keys work as Fn keys and you have told hold the Fn button to use the media control commands. I hardly ever use the media controls, but use Fn keys...
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    PDF reader that works

    I use PDF Annotator about 80% of the time. I use it for all of my annotating and editing (copying from one PDF to another, or copying and pasting to word etc.). I also use it when teaching as the full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts make it a lot easier to navigate remotely with an Rii Mini...
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    Problems with Bluetooth mouse

    If my BT mouse and keyboard aren't working at the login screen when I power on, I find it quicker to just restart from the login screen than disabling and re-enabled BT once logged in. A restart from the login screen doesn't take long at all,and fixes my BT every time.
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    I got 2 hours of battery life!?

    I also find that using the pen seems to drain the battery faster than if I don't use the pen. Maybe it just seems that way as time seems to go quicker or something. Or, maybe having the digitizer layer turn on whenever the pen is in proximity draws more power.
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    Marvel avaster bluetooth radio adaptor

    I find that sometimes it is not working when I boot up. My BT keyboard and mouse will not work on the login screen, or once into Windows. Disabling and enabling it in device manager fixes it. I now find it quicker to just restart from the login screen and then BT will be working. Have never...
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    Wireless Keyboard Adapter for SP3 and all my stuff

    I have the K810 and it is superb. One of the best keyboards I've typed on, but everyone is going to prefer a different type of keyboard. I like the island style keys better than the flat chicklet type keys. It makes it easier to feel for keys. Especially ones like Esc, del and the cursor keys...
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    Challenges with projection - a particular issue

    I use miniDP to vga adaptor and don't have those problems. I just tested OneNote and PowerPoint. Both write fine with no registering of touch while the pen is in use. I have all of the latest Windows updates. It sounds like points 1 and 2 are the same issue. The detection of the pen is...
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    3rd party chargers?

    USB won't work. USB is only 5v SP3 needs 12v You need a battery pack that can output 12v, and it won't be able to do that via a USB port. I have the Intocircuit 26000 which I used a lot for my SP1, but haven't bought an SP3 cable yet as they were about $100 last time I looked. That Nuosi...
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    Laptop Hinge vs Kickstand Poll for SP4

    I like the flexibility of detaching the keyboard. I use a Logitech K810 90% of the time. It allows me to push the display further away. It also allows me move the keyboard to the side when I need to read a book or papers, but still see the screen in front of me and still use the keyboard off...
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    3rd party chargers?

    I haven't bought a 2nd charger for my SP3 yet, but I bought a few for my SP1 off ebay. One stopped working, one melted and the other is still OK. The problem with 3rd party for the SP line is that no reputable brand makes them. They are all no - name manufacturers, so it's a bit of a lucky...
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    Solved Anyone experience problems with AC Adapter?

    Mine died after 1 week. Was working fine until then. The light on the connector was on, but the systray icon said "Plugged in, not charging" when you hovered over it. Went to the shop I bought it from and their display model charger worked fine. They just opened up another SP3 box and...

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