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    Microsoft Officially Unveils the Surface Pro 3

    Makes perfect sense. I still want a Surface Mini running RT real bad and hope they announce something soon. Small screen tablets are consumption devices and my Dell Venue 8 Pro is overkill; plus the desktop is a waste.
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    Out of stock?!

    I see a few available on Amazon. surface pro 2 256gb
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    Dell Venue 8-inch Tablet

    I also would be very happy to have RT on the 64gb Dell Venue I've got on order. There no way I'd want to run x86 programs on an eight inch screen. So I'll rarely be on the desktop which is also the case on my Surface.
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    Surface Pro for Mobile Business?

    We use the Surface RT, not the Pro, for presentations, client meetings where we work through reports with each committee member having an RT, mobile communications, etc. Can't have clients sign docs though.
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    Check your Windows Store for 8.1

    Just a FYI: After installing 8.1 on my Surface RT, I had a firmware update available. It wasn't there before the 8.1 upgrade because I checked to ensure everything was current.

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