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    Bible Study on Surface

    +1 for e-sword. youversion has been very buggy since it hit the store.
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    Is there a way to turn off touch for pen-only input?

    I searched all through the settings and I couldnt find this setting so I dont thing think there is a graceful way to do it from the software. It may just be a matter of training yourself on how to use it. I used the b121 for a year or so and had the problem at first but eventually stater holding...
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    SP2 and USB memory stick problem

    with some usb devices windows 8 will run through a driver install and this seems to take a while depending on the device. make sure its finished installing the device drivers. Aside from a poor connection to the board, I cant think of any other reason a standard usb drive would not be detected.
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    anyone's fans come on yet?

    fans popped on during second consecutive netflix movie.

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