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    Dual monitor from my MS book 2 and Pro 4

    The Surface Book 2 doesn't support Thunderbolt. It has Display Port over USB Alt mode. A little more info on this:
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    SB2 15" and charge wattage

    All cell phones work like that. If you have an Android device you'd could try and find charging dataligging apps in the Play Store.
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    Took the plunge. SB2 15" 512GB RAM .... Awesome Device!!

    Could you try and use your SP4 pen on your SB2 and see if it works like on your SP4, please? I have an option to buy an SP4 pen for my SB2 and would like to know if it's working like intented (minus tilt and additional pressure points offcourse)
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    SB2 13" - CPU clock speed reduces dramatically under load

    You could try and install the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. See these YouTube movies for more information: youtube surface book 2 throttle - Google Search

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