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    New LGC battery problem?

    I've got one with about 41K+ left from an original of 42K charge to full, but now that MS has FIXED things, I show less than 4 hours of remaining use on a 100% charge, even with Battery Saver on. My Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 are better than this 'Pro' piece of junk. I've already swapped the...
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    Sleep issues ... again (sigh)

    Yeah, I used to believe that "... except for just a handful of folks." drivel from the Marketing flacks, too. Until the real figures on this are released in a court of law, the 'figures' are "accurate to a given value of 'accurate'" as far as I'm concerned with MS Surface products.
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    July 12 2016 Windows Update Issues Anyone?

    Wondering if anyone has installed these yet and noticed any issues? On the road and keen to avoid more debacles like with previous updates.
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    New Firmware Updates (6/21)

    Double thanks for all the replies. Happened a couple days ago, too, and tried the reattach path after originally disabling the universal use. Things are working, for now, but I guess I'll have to keep checking, like this was an oil burning used car.
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    New Firmware Updates (6/21)

    Tried to adjust NVidia as soon as I saw the error/reset message, BUT now I can't even access the NVidia control panel from Control Panels. It's there, but won't come up when called. Thanks for the idea, though. I'll have to do even more research on this when I have the time, but it's a place...
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    New Firmware Updates (6/21)

    Same symptoms I've been experiencing since the 'fix'. Now, I'm seeing nVidia GPU driver failures, too, which would be tied to the base, unless I'm very much mistaken. I've cleaned contacts, had coincidental 'it works' followed on the re-boot by the same issues as before. Blew out everything...
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    New Firmware Updates (6/21)

    Had no issues before the 'fix', but now can't keep things running 'cause MS managed to screw up the Attached/Detach process and I am continually getting "You're Attached/Detached" messages, with nothing working unless I detach the base. That means, I can't use unit, AGAIN, except if I'm gonna...
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    Would Microsoft Sell Surface Book 2 Base Only?

    1. MS can't manage to get the original 'specifically designed' duet to work. 2. Configuration management is a bear in the real world. I can't imagine MS wanting to support this kind of mess when they apparently don't want to support even the pristine designs. 3. MS was trying to get beyond...
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    What if Microsoft had waited?

    Funny, but my MacBook Pro with emulator is the Windows 10 laptop I've always wanted... with OSX there, too. Palmed off the SB to the person the MacBook Pro was donated to and went back to a reliable laptop. But, after the debacle of the original Windows RT tablet and sd cards being yet another...
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    Just about to buy surface book questions

    Overall, if you can live with your current machine for a little while longer I'd really wait for the SB2, probably 1Q17. From the rumors, the screen resolutions will make the 2 windows at once a lot more usable, and maybe the still lingering driver issues will not be repeated with new chips and...
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    Bunch of Updates!!!

    Unfortunately, my SurfaceBook has turned into an expensive science fair basket case and I've reverted to a dual book MacBook Pro as my reliable portable. SurfaceBook makes me want to mechanically agitate that project team almost as much as I want to do the same to the team that decided to screw...
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    Yet Another SB Hangfire

    Got a Book stuck in a permanent blue screen and circling dots situation. The setup has been running OK for almost days now, and just this morning I was able to detach/reattach the screen without needing to reboot. What is the latest Windows Update screwup that has downloaded without warning...
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    SP3 as a Tablet Replacement?

    Surface 3 could do just as well for less money. You'd still have the Pro for work, if you need it, but the Surface 3 is fine for documents. Have a Surface 3 for reading and the bedstand (e.g., clock functions and multimedia), and I find I'm using the Pro3 less and less now that I got a MacBook...
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    more weird problems: black screen on boot / wake from hibernate

    Thought I was just doing something wrong by keeping the Pro in the docking stand and not shutting it down, but now I see others are having the same issues?! Also, seems to take forever to move from the picture-based sign-in screen, before it goes black. Trying to cleanup, and then go from...
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    [Update] Will your Hardware/Software issues be resolved today? Perhaps

    I'd have been happy if the ole Thermometer hadn't appeared on the screen and the tablet shut itself down during the patch reboot process. That's with nothing else running in a very well air conditioned room. Put the thing down next to the vent, rebooted, and hoped for the best. You'd think MS...

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