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    Surface Dock is overheating SP3

    I have noticed something really weird. My Surface Dock for Surface Pro 3 is overheating my SP3. When I am connected with Surface Dock, my average temperature of it is around 65 Celsius and when I am not connected to it temperature is around 55 Celsius. I know keyboard, mouse and 2 external...
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    Surface Dock Wall Holder

    Hi, Is there anything that can hold Surface Dock on the wall pretty good? I just thought of placing my Surface Dock on the wall, because….I can... Any good ideas?
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    waranty problems! help!

    So, if I get you correct, now you have both Pro 3 and Pro 4 even tho you originally had only Pro 3?
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    waranty problems! help!

    Do you have any updates on this? I am interested in what is going on.
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    Why so many problems with my Surface Pro 3?

    0) Usually getting overheated on every use can mean anything. From my experience it is usually cause of something not working. If you are using micro SD card, try to remove it. Also (this one is from the first hand experience) if you are using external monitors with mini display to vga adapter...
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    Screen Replacement: What adhesive can be easily removed again.

    Hi, I have replaced my screen yesterday and I have noticed next thing. I have already ordered 2 types of 2 sided adhesive tape and I have noticed that even tho you would have the thinnest adhesive tape there is it will still be too much and that your screen will actually not be in line with the...
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    Need help with pen

    Hi, I have noticed that when I place pen close to the screen that cursor shows up and it is following my pen even tho I am not touching the screen with the pen. Is it possible to disable this since it is weird to draw like that. I want only for pen to draw when I actually touch the screen with...
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    List of Windows Updates that causes touch problems

    Hello, I would like everyone to post here Windows Update version (KB.......) which made problems for touch screen. Since I read a lot that when touch screen doesn't work (fingers/pen), Windows Update might be the cause of it and as that I would like to make a tool that will remove those KB...
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    Where can I find all firmwares and drivers

    I have figure it out that broken screen (which I had and replaced after) was the reason for wierd behavior of my SP3. Slow boot, sometimes stuck on boot load, SD card problem on boot and similar (even stable FPS in games). If someone have some similar experience and also have a broken screen...
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    Something strange (touch problems)

    Hello, Something really really wierd is going on with my SP3. I have changed my screen and it was working for several days so perfect and sudenlly without any proper reason touch stopped working. My SP3 is always standing on laptop cooling pad without me moving it. First I tought that maybe...
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    Where can I find all firmwares and drivers

    Hello, Where can I find firmwares and drivers for SP3? It seems I have problems with those since I can't boot normally all the time. My boot is set to SSD but sometimes it is now booting (stucks on Surface logo) like he is trying to boot from USB or network even tho it is not set to those. Then...
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    SP3 new screen

    But is that what I need? The only thing I need to replace is front screen, since only glass is cracked and screen is working normally.
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    SP3 new screen

    Hello, If I missplaced my post, please tell me, since I am new here. I have SP3 with few small cracks on front display and it is causing a fault touch. What I want to know is this what I need to fix the problem: LCD Screen Display for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Win8.1 LTL120QL01-001 xhg04 | eBay...
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    Boot problems

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. I have noticed that when I have SD card in it or Surface Dock in it, I can't boot. It is stuck on boot logo. But when I boot without those, I can boot normally. Have anyone experienced that? How to fix that? Thank you.

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