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    Stuck on red screen

    Hi. My surface is stuck on a red startup screen. It's red except for three black rectangles, one where "surface" would normally show and two more towards the bottom. It's been stuck like that for at least a half hour. I've tried holding down the power button for 30 seconds. Also tried holding...
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    Mouse getting stuck when through powered hub?

    Hi. Here's my basic problem. When I plug my mouse in (I actually have two mice) to my Surface Pro running Windows 10 through a hub, the cursor gets "stuck" in the lower left hand corner, around the Cortana/"Ask me anything" field. The hub is a powered Belkin hub and I have been using it for...
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    Surface Pro won't start up

    Hi. I have a first generation Surface Pro. When I try to turn it on the battery symbol appears and then turns off, as if the battery was too low to startup. But it's currently plugged in, and has been so for a couple of hours. I checked the cord and the little light is on so I know it is plugged...
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    Sketchbook Pro 6 - stylus doesn't match stroke

    Hi, I am trying to use my stylus with Autodesk Sketchbook 6. For some reason, it started doing something odd - wherever on the screen I press the stylus, the actual stroke/mark that my pressing it shows up about two inches northwest of where I'm pressing. This does not happen when I'm using the...
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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    Update: I returned the adapter to the vendor. They said they tested it and it works fine. So, it appears that maybe it's a problem with my surface. Any idea what to do?
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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    Seems to be. They have more than 23k ratings with 99.5% positive feedback. Of course, I could have gotten a bad one that "fell through the cracks," even if they are generally reliable.
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    Trouble connecting to external monitor

    Hi. I recently decided to try to hook my Surface up to an external monitor. After doing a little research, I found the Microsoft VGA adapter and lo and behold I found a good deal on a used one on ebay. So, I get the adapter, but when I try to use it to connect my surface to a monitor, nothing...
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    Stylus problem in Sketchbook Pro

    Hi. I am using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6.2.5 on a Surface Pro. I've used it before with no problems. But now, for some reason, when I touch the screen with the stylus, the marks it makes are about two inches northwest of where I'm actually touching the screen. Other than the misplacement, it...
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    Can't upgrade to 10?

    Nothing. Everything's installed.
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    Can't upgrade to 10?

    Hi. I'm trying to upgrade my Surface Pro to Windows 10. According to Microsoft, an icon should appear in the lower right. It doesn't. When I consult their knowledge base they say to make sure it's up to date. I run Windows updater and have all of the available updates installed. Still no icon...
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    Running out of space

    Kundas where is the restore partition?
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    Running out of space

    OK thanks. It helped a little - I have aa couple of gig free. Moving forward, once I get an expansion card will there be any way to redirect some of these temp files to that disk? Would that be just installing the software on the new disk as opposed to local disk?
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    Running out of space

    OK, did the first two steps. The last part, I didn't get a 'clean up disk' option when i right clicked on c. The show hidden folder did reveal the 'AppData' folder in my user file. That's where most of the space is being taken up - over 20 gb. Is there any way to remove unnecessary stuff from...
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    Running out of space

    A little more detail... For an example of what's been happening, this morning I was working on a tiny .doc file when I got the message out of disk space. I deleted about 100 mb worth of unnecessary music files, figuring I can just re-add them later. After a couple of saves, however, I got the...
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    Running out of space

    Hi. I am constantly running out of space on my surface pro 64 gb. When I check the size of my folders of course windows and programs take up a lot of space, but my user folder uses 24 gb. I would like to whittle that down, but I can't figure out how it's taking up that much space. When I look at...

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