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    Macgirl here, considering dumping my Mac and ipad for a SP3

    I still have a Macbook Air, an iPad & Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, along with the SP (I have a dock at home). When I think about the "carry/bag" test (which one do you carry around or put in your bag for work?) then the SP3 wins hands down. I had some early issues (on my 3rd SP3) but they are a...
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    XBOX Video pause-restart issue

    thanks. saves continuing to look for the feature.
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    XBOX Video pause-restart issue

    Decided to use the native XBOX Video player instead of VLC. Happy with the program except for one really annoying issue. If you pause a video (stored locally on disk) and for whatever reason the screen turns off, when you attempt to start the video where you left off, you're taken instead to the...
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    Moving from mac after 10yrs - suggestions for apps etc

    LenJ I agree but I was looking at it from the point of moving from the Mac to Windows. There is not less functionality but more on the Win8 platform. So to a migrating Mac user there shouldn't be any missed items.
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    External Monitor Screen Flicker

    My experience is different. I'm now on my 5th SP3 (3 i5's and 2 i7's) with the dreaded external monitor flicker exhibited on all of them. What are the odds of 5 bad units in a row? I can say it's not as prevalent on the i7 units but it does happen. Typically, I have to unplug the cable and...
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    Moving from mac after 10yrs - suggestions for apps etc

    With the Google infrastructure, there isn't much difference any more between the Mac and Windows. Office is Office. For email, I started using Mozilla Thunderbird (has the combined inbox which Outlook does not support). However email archiving sucks on Thunderbird. This is when Outlook does a...
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    Ok now I'm complaining

    Don't mind me.... had a particularly bad week, so I should have had a few beers and relaxed before making any comments on any board. o_O Decided to take the SP3 i7 back to the MS Store (just a few miles from me) and exchanged it for another one. So far so good. This is the 5th SP3 (3 i5's and 2...
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    Ok now I'm complaining

    How about a brand new Logitech K800? I too am getting tired of the quirky issues with the SP3 and the dock. "Upgraded" to the i7 from the i5 to see if it got better. Still have the external monitor screen flicker issue (worse with the SP3 dock). Now I have to contend with the mouse and keyboard...
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    SP3 Dock is GREAT, but I just thought of something that would make it PERFECT!

    The pins wouldn't be patented. There are 20 of them in a row, the top 3 and bottom 3 being used for power, leaving 14 pins in the center for everything else. The challenge would be all the chips/electronics you don't see, embedded in the dock, that manage those 14 pins. There is also more than...
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    Umm, I just didn't like it :-(

    The resolution on the small screen is extremely high so it depends on your eyesight (seriously). I'm in that borderline region of having to wear reading glasses, so there comes a point where high resolutions on small screens become an issue. So I think your question related to MS Access is more...
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    Recieved my SP3 dock 1hr ago!!

    I agree about the Ethernet connection. The SP2 Ethernet was lame. Very happy with dock. The convenience factor of not having to mess with connectors is hard to describe but VERY satisfying. Note that the type cover does not have to be removed when placing in the dock.
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    External Monitor Screen Flicker

    Talked the MS folks in allowing me to swap the i5 for an i7 to see if the flicker disappeared (only cost me $50 :D). Well that didn't work. Bone stock... no applications installed, still has the flicker. Screen works fine with a Surface Pro 2 and a Macbook Air. Others have also had the same...
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    Postponing Gratification....

    There's simulation and then there's simulation. Depends on whether it's computational, or graphical, whether a GUI is used or you're running C, C# or something like that. Too many variables to tell you whether you will have issues or not. Multitasking would lean more heavily on RAM (8GB max)...
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    SP3 Docking Station Availability?

    so much for an August 1st release. Mine shows being backordered for another two weeks (Aug 15th ship date)
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    Seriously.... necessary to create partition or not?

    There are lots of potential solutions, each with its own drawbacks. By far the best is to use a cloud based solution like Google or OneDrive. Google is WAAAAAAY cheaper so that's my preference. With Google docs (OneDrive, Sugarsync, Dropbox, etc.) you can access the data/docs from your cell...

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