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    Hi I’m new I’m trying to get info on my new surface laptop studio I can’t seem to get the backlight working. Every time i try to post a new posting its says not valid??
    my Surface book 1 not recognizes the base (keyboard) sometimes. I think that not be a attached problem, because it attaches well. But, nothing works in base (keys, detach buttom, USB, charging, etc).
    I still cannot get my Surface Pro 3 from continually having an alert come up on the screen that I have low disc space "you are running out of disc space on local disc D". There are no files on Local Disc D and I don't know how to stop those messages from continually coming up, it is a real distraction.
    I just received a surface pro 4 for work, any suggestions on a user's guide, to make sure I am using it efficiently? Thank you.
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